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 High-Reliability, Harsh-Environment Connectivity Products
The connectivity solutions collected here are all designed, developed, and tested or even qualified to enable the safe, secure, and reliable transmission of power, signal, data, and other media in a wide variety of high-reliability, harsh-environment applications extending throughout the military, aerospace, space, medical, industrial, marine, alternative energy, transportation, and test and measurement industries.
These connectors, cable assemblies, sensors, and cables are expertly engineered to ruggedly, reliably, and durably withstand exposure to an extensive array of environmental operating hazards, ranging from mechanical shock and vibration to extreme temperatures, dust, dirt, humidity, water, corrosion, oils, gasses, chemicals, the vacuum of space, and even explosions.
In addition to leveraging high-quality materials, specialized housings, robust sealing, and protective accessories, such as backshells and overmolds, to provide peak performance in critical applications rife with risks, these connectivity solutions are also made to adequately address overarching industry demands for characteristics including space, weight, and cost savings, power efficiency, improved design flexibility, ease of installation and maintenance, high-speed, high-bandwidth, and high-signal-integrity data transmission, and standards compliance.

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