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» Hirose’s One Action FH design offers low insertion force and high retention force.
One Action FH connectors are a flip-lock-style connector that can be mated without ever touching the actuator, even in designs where the actuator is natively closed. When the flex is inserted into the connector, the retention force is provided by side hooks built into the actuator that interface with side-tab cutouts on the flex. To unmate the system, the actuator can be popped open from the backside to release the side locks, or the flex can be pulled out with zero retention force. These connectors offer several benefits, including:
• Simplification of the assembly process
• Horizontal mating
• Excellent retention force due to the integrated side hooks • Mating without touching the actuator
• Reduced risk of damage both before and during mating
• Same small form factor as low-profile flip-lock ZIFs
One Action connectors are also designed to ensure quality both before and during operation. Flip-lock ZIF connectors allow for the possibility of actuator damage due to operator error during the mating process, but the One Action actuator is natively closed, which reduces the possibility of user damage and eliminates the risk of damage during packing, shipping, and transport. Another benefit this series offers is ease of mating in space-constrained designs. Tight spaces provide no access to reach into the actuator and complete the mating procedure using flip-lock ZIF connectors, but the One Action supports contactless mating in tight spaces.
» With a 0.25mm pitch, 1.1mm height, and a width of 4.0mm, Hirose’s space-saving FH62 Series One Action lock connector for FFC and FPC enables size reductions in medical, point-of-sale, and consumer electronics and other small electronic devices.

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