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One Action connectors are also more efficient. The average mating time for a typical front-style flip-lock ZIF connector is about three seconds. Typical backflip-lock ZIF connectors improve the average mating time to about two seconds. But the One Action connector further simplifies the mating process and effectively reduces the average mating time to just one second or less. In high-volume production processes managed by trained operators, this simplified process saves both time and money.
Finally, the contactless mating process of the One Action connector lends itself to the possibility of robotic assembly, as robots can grab a flex and insert it into a One Action connector without the need for human hands.
» Hirose’s 0.5mm-pitch FH67 Series One Action FPC connector combines high heat resistance and high retention force with a single-action lock for greater reliability.
New connector technologies that leverage the best elements of existing solutions while improving others to satisfy evolving market demands provide optimal solutions for many of the challenges facing portable device design engineers. The new One Action FH Series connectors borrow from well-proven LIF, actuator-style ZIF, and BTB connector designs to provide easy, no-actuator-contact, one-handed — or even robotic — mating with virtually no risk of mating damage and excellent retention forces and come in a wide range of sizes and pitches optimized for even the most space-constrained portable device designs.
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