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Thank You

                Celebrating 11 Years of

           Dedicated Volunteer Service

                      The Literacy Program at the Plymouth Public Library would
                      like to recognize volunteer tutor Gabriel D’Annunzio
                      for 11 years of dedicated service. Over the years, Gabe
                      has made an impact in our community as a volunteer
                      English as  a Second Language (ESL) tutor by helping
                      others navigate the intricacies of the English language.
                      In a world that thrives on interconnectedness and cultural
                      diversity, the ability to communicate across languages is
      essential. For more than a decade, Gabe has tirelessly devoted his time,
      energy, and expertise to assist non-native English speakers in their quest to
      learn the language.

      Eleven years ago, Gabe posed the idea of creating a small group where
      adult ESOL students could come together to practice English conversation
      in a safe, comfortable environment at the Plymouth Public Library. What
      began as one small conversation group run by Gabe soon blossomed into 4
      conversation groups run by 8 volunteer tutors. Gabe’s commitment to our
      students and growing the conversation classes over the years is a testament
      to the spirit of volunteerism.

      Throughout the years, Gabe has witnessed countless success stories.
      Students who once struggled to utter a single sentence in English have
      grown to be confident speakers, equipped with the language skills they
      need to succeed in a variety of settings. Many have gone on to secure better
      job opportunities and engage more meaningfully with their communities.

      The impact of 11 years of volunteer service as an ESL tutor is a testament to
      the power of human connection, the spirit of giving, and the difference that
      a single individual can make within their community. Gabe’s legacy serves
      as an inspiration for others to lend their expertise, time, and compassion
      to causes that are close to their hearts. Gabe’s story is a reminder that a
      single person’s dedication can transform lives, break down barriers, and
      forge bonds that transcend language and culture.

      Gabe will be truly missed by everyone at the Plymouth Public Library
      Literacy Program. We wish Gabe and his family well as they embark on a
      move and a new chapter in their lives. We have no doubt that he will enrich
      his new community as he has enriched ours.

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