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GDS Disposable Panel Filters                             Z-Line Series Pleated Filters
                         The Glasfloss GDS disposable panel filter features      The Z-Line Series pleated filters offer improved perform-
                         an innovative, reinforced, "double strut" construc-      ance for virtually every application.  All Z-Line filters
                           tion for excellent durability and performance in          feature fibers which do not absorb moisture and
                             commercial, industrial, and residential appli-            will not support microbial growth.  Z-Line ZL
                              cations. The design provides 10% greater                  and HV filters achieve a MERV 10 rating and
                               open media area than traditional metal
                                grill filters and offers excellent dust hold-            MR-11 filters achieve a MERV 11 rating per
                                 ing capacity.                                           the ANSI/ASHRAE 52.2 Test Standard.
                                 In addition, the design allows for easier                The Z-Line Series products include:
                                 disposal,  eliminates  sharp  edges  for                 ZL  -  Offers  excellent  performance  and
                                 safer  handling  and  reduces  carton                    value  for  a  wide  range  of  applications
                                 weight  for  lower  shipping  costs.  The               HV - Ideal in high-velocity systems where
                                GDS disposable panel filter is available                 maximum square footage of media is nec-
                                in  1"  and  2"  depths  in  many  standard             essary
                                                                                       MR-11 - Provides high performance with low
                                                                                     pressure drop for energy efficiency.

                               Bulk Media & Pre-Cut Pads                          Air Cleaner Replacement Filters

                               Glasfloss  offers a  variety  of pre-cut pads          Glasfloss Z-Line Series Air Cleaner Replace-
                                and bulk media for prefilter or primary fil-           ment Filters offer convenient alternatives
                                ter applications. Glasfloss pre-cut pads                when replacement of the original filter is
                                 and  bulk  media  come  in  a  variety  of             necessary.    The  Z-Line  500AB  *(Air
                                 fiberglass and 100% non-woven  poly-                    Bear ), 700SG (Aprilaire ), 600GA (Good-
                                 ester grades that are designed for light                man and Amana ), 400HW (Honeywell
                                 to  heavy  dust-loading  applications.                  F-100 )  and  HWR  Series  (Honeywell
                                 Standard size  pre-cut  pads  are  pack-                FC40R ) are replacement options that re-
                                 aged in a heavy-duty carton that allows                quire no modification to the existing hous-
                                quick access and keeps the media clean                  ing.  All are rigidly constructed utilizing high
                               before installation. Service rolls are avail-           quality  MERV  10,  MERV  11  or  MERV  13
                              able and are packaged in an easy to use                 rated  filtration  media  backed  with  a  metal
                             cardboard dispenser box.                               mesh to prevent sagging during operation.
                               Poly Rings, Sleeves & Links                                Z-Line Series Carbotron®
                                                                                                     Pleated Filters
                              Glasfloss Poly Ring filters are made with the
                               highest  quality,  multiple  ply,  polyester
                                media  for  maximum  depth loading  and                 The Z-line Series Carbotron pleated filter
                                service life. The poly ring media is ther-               combines  MERV  8  particulate  filtration
                                mally sealed around a heavy-duty inter-                  and carbon odor removal in a single filter
                                nal  wire  frame  to  ensure  maximum                    unit  with low  pressure drop.  The acti-
                                durability. From an air entering filter for              vated carbon used in the Carbotron Pleat
                                paint booths to upgrading  a lower effi-                 has millions of tiny openings that adsorb
                                cient filter installation, the Poly Ring panel           odorous gas molecules from the air, so
                               filter is perfect for many filtration applica-           clean fresh smelling air remains.  The Car-
                              tions. Available in links and sleeves.  PR-10            botron pleat comes in a variety of sizes to di-
                             and PR-20 Poly Rings are rated MERV 8.                   rectly  replace  existing  filters  with  no
                                                                                    modification to the system.

                                                                                            Magna 600, 800, 900,
                                        Z-Pak & Z-Pak GT                                     HEPA, GT & HT Series
                                          Rigid Cell Filters
                                                                                       The Glasfloss Magna Series of rigid cell high
                              The Glasfloss Z-Pak extended surface filter               efficiency and HEPA grade filters are de-
                               is designed for medium and high efficiency               signed to meet exact specifications in high
                                applications and is excellent in variable air            efficiency  systems.  Available  in  a  wide
                                volume  systems.  The  high  density  mi-                range of efficiencies, sizes, frame types
                                crofine fibers consistently provide high                 and header combinations, the Glasfloss
                                performance ratings. The Glasfloss Z-Pak                 Magna Series combines state-of-the-art
                                is available in box or header styles and                 construction techniques with superior re-
                                comes in a wide variety of sizes and effi-               liability  offering  maximum  value.    The
                               ciency ranges for commercial or industrial               Magna GT is ideal for gas turbine engine,
                              applications.  The Z-Pak GT is ideal for gas             centrifugal compressor and other high ve-
                             turbine engine, centrifugal compressor and               locity applications.  Magna HT filters are avail-
                           other high velocity applications.                        able for high temperature applications.

                                                                  *(Air Bear is a registered trademark of Trion Inc.;  Aprilaire is a registered trademark of Research Products, Inc.;
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