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Excel & Purapak   ®                                           Quad & Cube
                                Medium & High Efficiency                                           Polyester Filters
                                                Bag Filters                             The Glasfloss line of polyester bag filters
                                                                                         offers medium efficiency performance for
                                 Glasfloss offers a complete line of syn-                a wide range of applications.  The rigid,
                                  thetic and fiberglass extended surface                 self-seal design of these filters helps pre-
                                  media bag filters to meet a wide range                 vent air bypass and allows the filters to
                                  of applications. Glasfloss bag filters are             operate under adverse conditions, espe-
                                 rigidly constructed utilizing an exclusive              cially  where  high  humidity  is  present.
                                 internal header design that provides de-               Glasfloss Cube and Quad 440 filters fea-
                                pendable  performance.  Both  synthetic                 ture a two-stage media for maximum effi-
                               and fiberglass bag filters are available in a          ciency and service life.  The Glasfloss Quad
                              wide variety of efficiencies in standard and           420 features a single stage media and is less
                            special sizes.                                         restrictive to airflow.

                                     Z-Line Series MR-13                                              Z-Line Series
                                            Pleated Filters                                     ZXP Pleated Filters
                              The Z-Line MR-13 Series pleated air filter                The  Z-Line  Series  ZXP  self-supported
                               features the latest in media technology to                pleated filters offer MERV 10 efficiency
                                achieve MERV 13 while maintaining low                    with superior durability and low pressure
                                pressure drop and good service life.  The                 drop.  The Z-Line ZXP feature a uniform
                                Z-Line Series MR-13 pleat is optimized for                100% synthetic, self-supporting media
                                “LEED” compliance in new and existing                     design that achieves a MERV 10 per the
                                buildings as well as providing a cost-effec-              ANSI/ASHRAE 52.2 Test Standard.  The
                                tive upgrade from lower efficiency pleated               Z-Line ZXP are 100% incinerable since
                               filters for a variety of commercial and in-               there are no metal parts used within the
                              dustrial applications.  The Z-Line Series MR-             construction.  The Z-Line ZXP incorporate
                             13 pleat is available in many standard face               patented double wall internal torsion box
                            dimensions in 1”, 2” and 4” depths.                       technology.

                             Puracell II Mini-Pleat Series                           Puracell VP Mini-Pleat Series
                         The Glasfloss Puracell II Mini-Pleat Filter is ideal       The Puracell VP Series extended surface mini-
                           for use in applications where a high degree of             pleat filters offer high efficiency particulate
                             efficiency is required in a 4” mini-pleat de-             removal,  extended  service  life  and  ex-
                              sign. The Puracell II offers unique advan-                tremely low resistance to air flow.  The fil-
                               tages  over  traditional  filters  which                   high-impact polystyrene framework for
                                include  low  cost, reduced  weight  and                  strength and durability in demanding
                                size and less impact on landfills. The                     commercial  and  industrial  applica-
                                Puracell II fiber media is available in                    tions.  The Puracell VP and VPX Series
                                standard  and  special  sizes  in  MERV                    are available in MERV 11, 13, 14 and
                                11, 13, 14 & 15 efficiencies, while Pu-                    15.  The VP Series is also available in
                                racell II-S synthetic media is available in               MERV  16  and  99.97%  HEPA  grade.
                               MERV 11, 13 and 15 efficiencies. The                       The  VP-S  and  VPX-S  synthetic Series
                              Puracell II M & MH fiber Series and M-S                    are available in MERV 11, 13 and 15 ef-
                             MH-S synthetic Series are available where                  ficiencies.  VP-GA High-Efficiency Gas Ad-
                            heavy-duty  metal  frame  construction  is  re-            sorber filters with activated carbon are also
                          quired.                                                     available.
                             Puracell II P Mini-Pleat Series
                                                                                  Z-Pak HC Series High Capacity
                        The Glasfloss Puracell II P 4” Plastic Frame Mini-Pleat                  Rigid Cell Filters
                           Series is designed for use in applications where a
                             high degree of efficiency is required in a 4" deep
                              filter. The filters combine state-of-the-art mini-        Glasfloss Z-Pak HC rigid cell filters are
                               pleat construction techniques with superior              designed for high efficiency applica-
                               reliability to offer maximum value for com-               tions and incorporate two individual
                                mercial and industrial applications.  Addi-              filtration media layers that provide
                                tionally,  the  Puracell  II  P  Series  offers          very low pressure drop and superior
                                unique advantages over the traditional 12"               service  life.  The  Z-Pak  HC's  total
                                rigid box filter including lower freight costs,          rigid construction makes it ideal for
                                reduced  storage  area  requirements  and                variable  air  volume  systems  (VAV),
                                less impact on landfills. The Glasfloss Pura-            where changes in air flow can have
                               cell II P & PH filters incorporate fiber media           an adverse effect on non-rigid type fil-
                              and are available in MERV 11, 13, 14 & 15 ef-            ters. Z-Pak HC filters are designed to
                             ficiencies, and Puracell II P-S & PH-S filters in-       handle high airflow and are available in
                            corporate synthetic media are are  available in          MERV 14 performance.
                          MERV 11, 13 & 15 efficiencies.

    Honeywell F-100 and FC40R Media is a registered trademark of Honeywell, Inc., Goodman & Amana  These names are used for identification purposes only).
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