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   work schedule, SP were encouraged and prescribed an alternative PT programme to use through the newly designed My Army Fitness App.
Adding to this all SP at Marlborough Lines, (Regular, Reserve and FTRS) are given the opportunity to be issued a My Zone Switch HR Belt (Wearable Technology) to aid them in their personal training and encourage a healthier culture. Used in conjunction with the My Zone App which continues to promote and reward users for fitness activities. We also have the ability to link to various TVs throughout the facility, which allows individuals and group sessions to be monitored effectively aiding in reducing the risk of Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSKI). Having this ability allows the Gym Staff the flexibility to set PT sessions within varying training zones, providing more accountability to the SP. This initiative for Marlborough Lines staff also allows PT to be conducted at distance, including when SP are Working from Home (WFH).
In addition to supporting the site’s PT requirements, part of my role over the last 8-months has also been focused on finding other additions and improvements which will offer benefits to the entire work force. One of which was the recent uplift of Physical Training Equipment from HQ Regional Command. Something that has helped improve Instructor-led PT sessions and added to the variety of gym equipment available for all our gym users.
To continue spreading the importance of health and wellbeing across the site, I will soon be delivering The Marlborough Lines Challenge Cup Competition in July 2023, which is open to all staff on site and
Marlborough Lines Challenge Cup Event Map
will aid in promoting a positive Health and Wellbeing culture.
The aim of the event is to encourage friendly competition between departments, promote teamwork and allow all the opportunity to get involved in sport. During the initial planning phase for the competition, I decided to also request assistance from Army Sports and have been able to confirm a number of sporting stands for the event that will offer “Have a go activity”. This is something I believe will be well received, adding a different
Military & Civilian Staff conducting lunchtime circuits
Challenge Cup Trophy
dimension to the event and improving participation during the competition to best promote and develop “Esprit de Corps”.
Cpl Anderson delivering military PT

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