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  4Regiment RLC is an extremely busy Field Force Unit located in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Whilst the principal aim
has been Operations including CABRIT and INTERLINK, there has also been a key emphasis to reinvigorate Physical Training, Sport and Adventurous Training opportunities.
Whilst Deployed on CABRIT 11, 4 Regt RLC have managed to continue our British Army Warrior Fitness (BAWF) enthusiasm incorporating a BAWF league into the Forecast of Events (FoE). This has consisted of 6 events running monthly whilst varying in intensity and designed for all abilities. Attendance has developed over each event, across multiple units and cap badges.
4 RLC has had a strong year achieving success in a myriad of sporting fixtures
Lt B Fairfax - Nordic Ski Team
SSgt (SSI) N Cawley RAPTC
/ events at Unit and Army level. We have a talented cohort of sports personnel who have continued to succeed in team and individual sports. The Regimental Football Team continued their success with victories in the Army Major Unit Cup and Army Super Cup. The Regiment triumphed in Athletics, winning the Army Championships. The 4 Regt Nordic Ski Team came 2nd at both pre-season training (Norway) and Divisional (France) level, with two members of the team going on to represent the RLC in the Army Championships. The success of the Regiment’s sporting activity is, without doubt, down to the commitment of the Sporting Officers and AAPTIs. Sports participation is encouraged and supported by the CoC, with Service Personnel (SP) having many opportunities and the time to participate. The message this promotes to new members of the Regiment is positive,
Triathlon Team overseas sports visit (OSV) to Lanzarote
highlighting the numerous opportunities available to them in the army.
10 members of 4 Regt RLC Triathlon Team completed an Overseas Sports Visit (OSV) to Club La Santa, Lanzarote to participate in the Volcano Triathlon. The aim of Ex TIGER VOLCANO was to participate in the Volcano Triathlon whilst training and developing new and existing competitors in triathlon disciplines. The OSV provided some invaluable winter training for existing athletes to prepare for the upcoming season, whilst providing an excellent opportunity for raw talent to be introduced to the sport.
BAWF League event with competing athletes
    9TS Bn are a newly formed REME Battalion stood at high readiness. Working in conjunction with the
Theatre Enabling Group (TEG), the unit’s primary role is to provide equipment support to operations moving within the Theatre of Operations.
In my first role as a SI, I feel extremely lucky to have a blank canvas to build the foundations of a unit. This is a perfect opportunity to learn the finer details of the Mainstream job role, whilst expanding my knowledge, following completion of my RAPTCI course in December 2022.
On first impressions, it was clear this was going to be a challenge. Things that I have previously taken for granted at other units, such as cones and whistles, weren’t readily available. To add to this there was minimal infrastructure to conduct PT, as well as an on-going battle to book surrounding areas for PT due to the busy schedule within Aldershot Garrison. Sgt Hubble had done a lot of great work prior to my arrival, ensuring Risk Assessments and a temporary Physical Training Programme were in place.
Sgt (SI) J Wharfe RAPTC
Originally, the plan was to use Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre. However, I realised quickly this would be unobtainable due to bookings and availability, making a physical training programme difficult to create. To combat this, I quickly generated a connection with 27 Regt RLC in St Omer Barracks, which allowed us to conduct strength and conditioning for a short time, until availability became a problem. 4 Rangers have been very accommodating with regards to testing, allowing us the use of their kit and equipment, and a facility to run regular Soldier Conditioning Reviews (SCRs), Body Composition Measurement
9 Bn REME conducting anaerobic PT on Aldershot Garrison Athletics Track
(BCM) sessions and Role Fitness Test (Soldier) (RFT(S)). This has been a great help due to the number of people posted into the unit at irregular intervals.
I currently have two All Arms Physical Training Instructors delivering PT, Sgt Hubble and LCpl Whelan. Both have been invaluable, remaining professional and optimistic in their approach to delivering PT, as well as mentoring the potential AAPTIs who are due to go on the AAPTI Course in April.
In the future, 9 TS Bn REME plans to conduct various training exercises in preparation for Op LINOTYPER – due to commence January 24. This is a large- scale exercise covering a vast area of Europe. In the meantime, I feel privileged to have been a part of shaping and putting into place the building blocks of a physical training programme in an unprecedented, newly formed Battalion. I plan on establishing a strength and conditioning area, before embarking on the Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor (ERI) Course in July 2023.

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