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  17 P&M Regt RLC continues to provide UK Defence with a niche Port, Maritime and Logistic enabling capability
at Readiness 2 to deliver Operations worldwide. 17 RLC are the sole provider of this capability for UK Defence.
Opportunities exist for Troop Comds to deploy on Port Task Groups (PTGs) to Oman, Kenya, USA, Estonia, Belize, etc. In the last 12-months, Troop Comds of the unit have deployed to Oman multiple times commanding PTGs
in support of Op CATTALO, Ex KHANJAR OMAN, and Albania in support of Op ELGIN.
SSgt (SSI) D Grenier RAPTC
  17 P&M Regt RLC also
supports the Royal Navy’s
growing Littoral Strike
capability through the
provision of Port and
Maritime Dets aboard the
Bay class ships commanded
by Troop Comds. With Troop Comds deploying to the Baltics in the last 12-months and one deploying to Norway. These were unique opportunities for Troop Comds to deploy in command of their soldiers outside of a Regt or Sqn construct in 2022.
17 P&M Regt RLC also deployed on Ex DEFENDER 22; a US-led exercise testing the rapid deployment of Bde sized formations into Europe. An exciting
Marlborough Lines has been the home of Army Headquarters (AHQ), Headquarters Field Army
(HQ Fd Army), Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) and Andover Support Unit (ASpU) since September 2010. Marlborough Lines houses more than 2000 staff, comprising both Military and Civilian personnel. This workforce is responsible for supporting units whether at home base or on operations.
Having recently been assigned to ASpU in August 2022 as the SSI in the Station Physical and Reactional Training Centre (P&RTC), I am responsible for delivering and overseeing all physical training for Marlborough Lines with my team (1 x AAPTI, 2 x Civilian Instructors). Coming from the delivery team at the Army School of Physical Training (ASPT), I soon learned the challenges of conducting Physical
17 P&M Regt RLC at work
SSgt (SSI) Grenier RAPTC
opportunity for the unit to demonstrate our unique capability to our closest allies. This is an exercise
and Littoral Strike Groups. This is also an exercise series that will have a yearly iteration to demonstrate the UK’s ship-to- shore fuel capability that is held by the UK for NATO.
Outside a very busy deployable role, 17 P&M still achieves high honour in sport across the Army with representation as high as GB level in Nordic skiing and Army rugby. 17 RLC have adopted a very inclusive environment supporting many cultural days in line with OP TEAMWORK with the most recent female focus day hosted for 104 Bde with the intent to support all pre & post-natal soldiers in defence.
series that the US run every year and 104 Theatre Sustainment Bde will continue to support in 2023 and 2024.
In Sep and Oct 22, 17 P&M Regt RLC deployed to Cyprus on Ex AUSTERE WOLF. Under command of P&M Sqns they conducted ship-to-shore logistics with RE Sqns providing engineering and ship-to- shore fuel supply capability. This exercise achieved interoperability training with one of the Royal Navy’s Carrier Strike Groups
SSgt (SSI) L Hilson RAPTC
Training (PT) within the Headquarters environment. The main issue is the limited PT attendance due to fast-paced work demands and never-ending meeting requests that unfortunately consumes most of the staff’s daily agenda.
The uniqueness of delivering PT in the AHQ environment required swift understanding. Although still considered essential, it often takes a back seat
to higher priority taskings. We had to facilitate a flexible program that supported adherence to the Army Physical Training System (APTS) framework and allow all Service Personnel (SP) the opportunity to attend the minimum of three instructor-led PT sessions
per week. Where this was not possible due to a busy
SSgt (SSI) L Hilson RAPTC

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