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Maj (MAA) P Saunders RAPTC
The time has come to put pen to paper once again, which always provides an opportunity to look back over the past year and reflect on what’s gone on and as per the last year and the year before, that it’s been a frenetic period within HQ RAPTC. This year’s update comes in
2 parts – firstly I write in my old guise as SO2 Trg Dev and secondly in my new role of SO2 Policy & Plans (P&P).
  Last year was an
extremely busy period for
the Training Development
Team which saw the most comprehensive External
Validation programme
delivered by the Training
Analysts in many a year.
The team have made huge
in-roads in to successfully
validating 75% of the 64
x AT and 12 x PT Risk to
Life (RtL) courses; which
ensures they remain relevant, current and fit for purpose. In addition, the team delivered the Army Physical Training System (APTS) re-messaging campaign which required close liaison with Army media and various key enablers such as the Army Sgt Maj. The final product was several high-quality Video Blogs (Vlogs), glossy new supporting resources (Posters etc), the delivery of the first ever Commander ’s Guide to Fitness Training, Testing and Assessment, and several articles published across an array of media platforms. The new products
The Army Sgt Maj Opening the APTS Re-Messaging Campaign
Re-energised APTS messaging
received some outstanding feedback which will hopefully have the desired effect in heightening a Commander ’s awareness across the Physical
Training piste! My time as SO2 Trg Dev has been outstanding – I’ve worked
has been (and continues to be) steep would be an understatement! Luckily, I am surrounded and supported by a great bunch of people who all keep me on the straight and narrow. The ever- changing shape and structure of the Army continues to present challenges in terms of liabilities and head count with the entire HQ working hard to ensure we sustain the Corps footprint across the wider Army landscape. In addition to Work Force planning the HQ continues to field the Business as Usual (BaU) churn such as Management, Promotion and Assignment Boards, Conference and Reunion Planning – the list goes on! In-between all this there is just about enough time to enjoy some of the fun stuff – last year saw the team conduct a Battlefield Study to Northern Ireland and Adventurous Training in Cyprus and Austria – both of which were an opportunity to kick back and enjoy some quality team cohesion!
Maj Sid Saunders, Capt Matt Arthur and Lt Col Mark Field on the Arms and Services AT Exped to Austria
with some unbelievably talented RAPTCIs who I’d like to thank for all their support and hard work – I wish you all good luck and success on your onwards journeys.
As I enter my new role as SO2 P&P, I find myself talking a very different language. Work Force planning presents a very different challenge ensuring that the needs of the Army are met in terms of having the right RAPTCIs in the right places at the right times with the right skill set. As I pen this note I am 4 months into the role and to say the learning curve
  The first ever Commanders Guide to Physical Training, Testing and Assessment.

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