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    Q Lester RAPTC feeling powerful.
PT courses, reinvigorated the APTS with a series of videos and posters and set up and administered the RAPTC Conference.
Personally, I have recently returned from a RAPTC Golf overseas tour in Portugal, and I have also conducted and passed my Level 2 Golf Referees course (and I thought Basketball refereeing rules were hard). On the Basketball front I am still performing at the highest level and officiating at a national level in England which culminated in me being selected for the Kit King Trophy Final. This is something I am very proud of and turned out to be a great day and final with a packed-out audience of fans. I also attended the SHAPE International Basketball Tournament and was selected for the Final between France and Lithuania. In order to further enhance my skillset, I have also become a Referee Coach which means I can assess Referees on their performance at National League games as well as a mentor / coach for three of the up-and-coming crop of level 3 candidate referees hoping to achieve the qualification throughout the season.
Well, this year is potentially my last as my contract runs out in Sep 23 and having hit the grand old age of 60 (in Sep) I will have to go into open competition for my job. Fingers crossed, hopefully you may hear from me next year.
TDT Analyst – PT
SSgt (SSI) T Chennell RAPTC
The last year in TDT has firmly cemented my understanding and knowledge of the DSAT process; having completed 6 External Validations out of the twelve courses that we own. Alongside this, I have been involved in a number of tasks including the management of Essential Reading and Annual Deficit Training (ADT ) for all personnel, reinvigoration
Golden Orb overnight practice in London
of the APTS, D&I mapping work, RAPTC Instructors Course mapping work, Pre- and Post-natal Instructor Course management, Army Cadet Force Instructional Video and the RAPTC 2023 Conference.
Away from the office, I organised a Cultural Visit for HQ RAPTC to London where we visited the Royal Chelsea Hospital and the Imperial War Museum. I have been fortunate to undertake some adventurous training with HQ, where we visited Thorney Island and conducted water sports activities including a new one of Winging. Personally, I completed a 200-mile charity ride from Aldershot to Neath in South Wales raising money for a number of different charities. I also competed in the Summer Turf Games event and managed to take second place in the Everyday Athlete category.
Unfortunately for me, I broke my leg in three places in September, so the next 3 months was a bit of a right off as I recovered from the Injury. During this
recovery time and whilst still in cast, I decided to enter Iron Man Wales, so while I continue to conduct my TDT role, any spare time I have is used to prepare for this event. More recently I took park in the RAPTC Cycling Training Camp and competed in the Army Cycling Road Race Series and took the Silver Medal in the first race then won the next one.
Looking forward, I am excited to get stuck into the up-and-coming projects and prepare for what future posting is coming my way.
TDT Analyst – AT
Sgt (SI) F Walker RAPTC
I consider myself fortunate to have been assigned to TDT. The assignment presents invaluable insight in the training development of our RAPTCIs. It provides opportunities to acquire significant expertise and to contribute to the training pipeline which I find extremely rewarding and is something that I feel will significantly benefit my career. This
 SSgt Chennell (2nd from left) with Ironman Training progressing well

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