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   post has supported me using my passion for developing media as I had a leading hand in the APTS re-launch by creating the ‘Train Right’ videos which were distributed Army-wide. Additionally, I created the media for the recent RAPTC Commandant’s Conference highlighting the achievements of several personnel to demonstrate the first-rate work our RAPTCIs do across the Army. In support of this, and to capture an external audience, I have taken the lead on the Corps Instagram page, this further enables us to promote our people and the hard work we do; it is extremely satisfying for me to create content for the page as I enjoy all things media.
TDT Analyst
Sgt (SI) K Joubert RAPTC
“My First Assignments”
I successfully transferred into the RAPTC in Sep 22. Having been selected to train as an ERI, and due to the JSSERI course only resuming in Jul 23, I had the opportunity to conduct two separate assignments over the 9 months leading up to the course. My first post saw me spend 3 months with the Royal Dragoon Guards. The first major focus was ensuring that the Regiment, which had squadrons rotating in and out of operations, were physically prepared
Sgt Joubert supporting RAPTC Selection.
for ongoing deployment. Additionally, I prepared the Regiment for their scheduled Physical Development Audit (PDA) and secured funding for a gym floor uplift to optimise the delivery of indoor S&C sessions. My second post saw me joining TDT in HQ RAPTC. During my time with TDT I quickly became IC Odd Jobs, which saw me become a grand master in all matters G4, championing the mantra, “G4 wins wars!” I utilised my newfound
skill to assist in the planning and set up of CGS’s visit and the annual RAPTC Commandant’s Conference. When not stealing the RQMS’ job, I have had the opportunity to go on AT and attend sports courses, which has been a welcomed experience. All in all, it has been a varied and enjoyable 9 months, with a great deal of experience gained. On to the next one.
 Recent years have brought a science-based approach to how we develop the Body (Army
Physical Training System) and Mind (Mental Fitness Training) but we must now continue to evolve and look to optimise the Mind, Body and Spirit collectively through contemporary research and Interdisciplinary working.
The vehicle for this is Human Performance Optimisation (HPO) and the application of Behavioural change at Unit level. Over the next 2-3 years the RAPTC will strive to enable the Army by advocating and role-modelling to achieve the cultural and behavioural change necessary to Optimise Human Performance. We continue to be Agents for change, but the responsibility sits firmly with the chain of command and will only be possible by addressing Unit culture, the prioritisation of health- focused interventions and increasing education around human behaviour. This is complex for many reasons and will not provide a perfect solution; it does however ensure we are aligned with the main effort, continually improving and therefore relevant.
Captain (MAA) M Arthur RAPTC
 Integrated research and development with our partners Army Health Branch, Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL), Buckinghamshire New University, Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) and United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA), remains a crucial component and I am thankful to my predecessors for harnessing these relationships and
subsequently maintaining our place at the table.
The RAPTC Fully Funded Higher Education (HE) (Soldier) pathway now offers a bespoke BSc (Hons) in Strength and Conditioning for Tactical Populations and MSc in HPO. I urge all serving RAPTC personnel to look at this annual opportunity and make contact should you have any questions.
The RAPTC Commandant’s Conference 2023

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