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                                 It is the beginning of a new chapter in TDT, as Maj (MAA) Lou James MBE and I assume our new roles in TDT. There
is clearly a great deal to look forward to over the next couple of years and we have taken over an excellent team, which has made the transition a seamless process. Over the last year the team have been extremely busy developing the United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA) training pathway which will see the RAPTC Instructors leave Course with a UKSCA S&C Trainer qualification. Serving RAPTCIs will be invited back to Fox Lines in 2024 to obtain the same qualification. CPD Workshops will continue to be delivered including delivery at the ASPT and locations in the North. In addition, liaison will continue with the US Army with their aim to model where possible our delivery methods.
In closing as, we begin our “new chapter” with the TDT team we would like to thank Maj (MAA) Saunders and WO1 (SMI) Burt for all they have done over the last 2 years.
TDT Senior Analyst and AT lead
’12 months in, 12 to go’
At the time of writing this article I am 12 months deep in DSAT and still none the wiser on what it means. This transition from the Field Army into a HQ has been all the more interesting as the demand, pace and people are different from what I have been used to previously. Nevertheless, I have been fortunate enough to be
Q Morrow RAPTC MRI hip replacement scan picture
preparedness of the British Army”
WO1 (SMI) L Cubbage RAPTC
“TDT’s mission is to advise on, set the requirement for and evaluate all RAPTC training, in order to sustain and enhance the physical and mental
 involved in numerous tasks; which will only get bigger and more exciting now we have a new SO2 and SMI. With the days of organising CO’s PT firmly behind me, I have now accepted my driving licence for this desk!
Within the margins of the TDT workload I had to nip out and get a quick hip replacement which has put me firmly on the rehab pathway. Walking with crutches for 10 weeks was more testing mentally than anything else I have ever encountered; it was truly awful! With the help off my fellow ERI colleagues
Q Morrow RAPTC CrossFit competition winner; journey complete (almost)
I am coming out of the back end of the recovery and (apart from running) fully functional. In true RAPTC spirit, I decided to test myself by entering a local CrossFit competition, it was not a decision I took lightly but it forced me to realise some of the movement anxiety is in my head. Nevertheless, the competition was a success, I was more than happy with my performance and as a team we took 1st place. We all know doing clams and glute bridges is not the most enthusiastic training regime, but you must trust the process. Be kind to yourself, don’t add pressure to come back faster than you should otherwise you’ll end up going backwards. It has been a long journey, one that I wish never to repeat, but now I fully appreciate every Physio/ERI we have within our organisation.
Looking forward, we have the possibility of a full review of the RAPTCI and AAPTI courses to try and reinvigorate and enhance their relevance in the modern Army. We’ve also have a Cyprus trip planned, and some AT in Brecon on the cards alongside various other social events lined up to bolster our morale.
TDT Analyst and PD Lead
As I sit here having completed 15 years in TDT I am asked yet again to write on my achievements throughout the year. It has been a very busy year like all the others, but what was different? We have completed 6 External Validations on our
TDT Team photo – April 2023

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