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   whopping 47-0 Win, this does not reflect the levels of competitive spirit shown by the KMA throughout the game, it was a pleasure to watch.
Whist the tempo of the Regular Commissioning Course remains intense and the next training serials in the horizon, RMAS looks forward to returning to KMA Breda in 2024 but more importantly we are excited and eager to deliver a spectacle sporting event on KMA Breda’s scheduled trip within the summer term 2023 at the RMAS.
Sandhurst Cup –
Sgt (SI) R McGregor RAPTC
In the realm of military training and leadership development, the Sandhurst Cup stands tall as a testament to the dedication and perseverance of officer cadets. Held annually at West Point Academy, New York, America. This prestigious competition showcases the physical and mental capabilities of cadets from around the world.
The journey towards the Sandhurst Cup begins long before the teams assemble in America. Officer cadets undergo a gruelling 14 weeks of intensive training, both physically and mentally, to prepare themselves for the challenges that lie ahead. The rigorous programme includes a wide-range of activities, such as endurance runs, obstacle courses, marksmanship drills, and tactical exercises. Most of the training falling outside working hours. The cadets must also exhibit leadership skills, decision- making abilities and the capacity to work effectively as a team.
When the day of the competition finally arrives, the officer cadets face a series of demanding challenges that put their training to the ultimate test. These challenges encompass a variety of military skills and scenarios, including navigation exercises, casualty evacuation drills, live- fire exercises, and timed assault courses. The physical and mental stamina required to overcome these obstacles is immense, pushing the cadets to their limits and beyond.
The Sandhurst Cup is not just a display of physical prowess; it is a platform where leadership and teamwork skills are brought to the fore. The officer cadets must demonstrate effective communication, coordination, and decision-making in high- pressure situations. They are evaluated not only on their individual performance but also on how well they function as a cohesive unit. The competition serves as a true reflection of the qualities required to lead soldiers in challenging environments.
In recent years, the Sandhurst Cup has witnessed participation from numerous international teams, showcasing the
Breda BAWF
 global nature of military excellence. Despite the stiff competition, the UK team rose above all others to claim 1st place amongst the international cohort. The officer cadets who represented their respective countries are seen as the top officer cadets at their academies.
The Sandhurst Cup is more than just a competition; it is a transformative experience that forges strong bonds of camaraderie and resilience among the officer cadets. Through the crucible of intense physical and mental challenges, they emerge as confident leaders ready to face the rigors of military service.
RMAS ALeRT Courses & AT Expeditions – Mr Jon May
The Joint Service Adventurous Training (JSAT) Scheme has trained its students in the developmental aspects of AT for many years, and in 2020 this was further refined into what we now refer to as Adventurous Leadership and Resilience Training (ALeRT ).
Army Adventurous Training Group (AATG) have introduced ALeRT into the Foundation Course programme delivered to the Regular Commissioning Course in Junior Term.
Over 400 OCdts have conducted ALeRT foundation courses in the past training year.
Intermediate Term OCdts plan and conduct AT Expeditions, all within the confines of the UK mainland, with a tight budget and at zero cost to the individual.
In total, 87 Expeditions were undertaken, these included Winter Mountaineering in Scotland, Sea kayaking in North Wales, Canoeing the Great Glen, conquering the Cuillin Ridge, mountain biking in the Black Mountains of South Wales and many, many more.
RMAS Cadets Winter Mountaineering in Scotland
A RMAS Cadet Kayaking on Exped
Breda Rugby

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