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Day 1, Term 1 – Oh my god, hold onto your seat this is going to be fast!
SMI Blackburn – “Good morning Sir, and welcome to Sandhurst......I hope you’ve had some good leave, you’re gonna need it!”
Maj Windard – Stunned silence.
These were the first words that WO1 (SMI) Blackburn (now Capt Blackburn) said to me when I arrived at the RMAS, and blimey was she right, a baptism of fire in every sense. Neither of us at this point could see the vision that Maj Gen Z Stenning, the new RMAS Commandant had for the Academy. We had to have courage and trust in our ability as a team to let go of the familiar and hold onto the coat tails of transformative change. This turned out to be a complete RMAS programme re-write named Project ADAIR.
RMAS SO2 PD – Maj (MAA) R Windard RAPTC
SMI’s, old and new with RMAS Comdt, Maj Gen Z Stenning
Maj (MAA) R Windard RAPTC
“Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.” Raymond Lindquist
 From a PT Wing team perspective this provided us an enormous opportunity to rebalance the OCdt training pipeline from start to Individual Trade Training (ITT), and layer the Army Physical Training System (APTS) framework over the 44-week Regular Commissioning Course. Tweaks and refinements are still being made as you can imagine, to realise the best possible PD journey for our future leaders, and the RMAS PT Wing has been the fabric that have underpinned its success and I send a huge thankyou to every member, past and present for the parts they played and for letting go of the familiar. We can only ever move at the speed of trust!
Sgt (SI) S Cousins RAPTC
Arriving at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as a first tour Sergeant was filled with mixed emotions of excitement and apprehension. Joining a strong team
Sgt Critchlow – Winter Term Boxing – In the moment
of experienced SSIs and SIs was nerve- racking but also filled with endless opportunities to learn and grow as a person. Getting to work with and develop the Army’s future Leaders I feel is an absolute privilege and an opportunity I couldn’t turn down; this is because you are amongst OCdts from different backgrounds and many overseas countries who come to RMAS to become
   Log Race – Standby Go.

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