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  The ASPT is a very fast-paced working environment and the Delivery Team have maintained their exceptional work ethic this cycle. The start of this period has seen Capt (MAA) Scott Prior take over as Chief Instructor and WO2 (QMSI) Andy Syrett take up the role of Training Warrant Officer. The last twelve months the DT have worked tirelessly and four All Arms Physical Training Instructor Courses have completed the eight-week syllabus with 451 students successfully attaining the coveted red belt and cross swords.
The Delivery Team Instructors have also managed three RAPTC Selection courses culminating in 33 candidates being successful and deemed suitable to attend the RAPTC Instructors’ Course.
Staff Sergeants Graham Smith, George Crossett and newly promoted WO2 Chris Taylor and Luke Brimble have also been delivering the RAPTCI Courses throughout the year which has seen 33 new members badge into the Corps on completion of their 9-month course.
All Arms Pre-Parachute
Selection – AAPPS
I was fortunate enough to be sent to Catterick on AAPPS. The course certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone. I believe there is no reward without risk and going on an arduous course like this not only as a SNCO serving in the RAPTC, but also working at the ASPT added that extra pressure. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend anyone to give it a go. This is a prime example of
Sgt (SI) Aaron Posey with his Top Academic and Top Student awards on RAPTCI Cse 225
Sgt (SI) K Morrison RAPTC
  Members of the delivery team at the Gibraltar stone memorial in Woodbury Common
the opportunities that are available whilst serving at the ASPT.
Visit to Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM) Lympstone Sgt Stuart Brimacombe RM organised a two-day trip to the home of the Royal Marines for members of the delivery team. The visit included a guided tour of the commando training centre, access to the famous endurance course on Woodbury Common and a run through of the bottom field obstacle course which incorporated testing criteria such as the 30-foot rope climb, the 200-metre fireman carry, and the rope regain. This was not only a great opportunity to instil team cohesion but also a chance to see what the All-Arms Commando Course and Royal Marine fitness standards entail. We would like to thank CTCRM for their hospitality and for making us feel welcome. Sgt Brimacombe is due to finish his tenure at the ASPT and has been an advocate for not only the Royal Marines but also the Royal Army Physical Training Corps.
Sgt (SI) Kyle Morrison on the stretcher
Sgt (SI) George Parsons RAPTC winning Flag Section
Farewell to Sgt (SI) Aaron Posey RAPTC
The Army School of Physical Training and the Royal Army Physical Training Corps have recently said goodbye to the meticulous Sgt (SI) Aaron Posey RAPTC. Sgt Posey has been nothing but exceptional during his tenure and he has aided hundreds of soldiers successfully obtaining their AAPTI qualification.
Sgt (SI) Kyle Morrison on AAPPS Pass off parade
    CTCRM Bottom Field
Sgt (SI) Kyle Morrison RAPTC delivering on RAPTC Selection

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