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   In other news, many will recall the ‘old ASPT Resource Cell,’ once a portacabin on the Corps SM’s Square. Unfortunately, over time this department became redundant and was removed from the ASPT ORBAT. However, in late 2022, the Resource Cell initiative was re-invigorated and sits now within the CDC team adding significant value to ASPT’s training continuity. The role of the Resource Cell is to maintain all ASPT training resources, conduct methods and media analysis, analyse training methodology and lead with continuous improvement across the training estate. In addition, and of vital importance, the Resource Cell also provides a practical liaison between CDC and other ASPT departments. This department consists of two senior analysts and is currently occupied by SSgt Chris Taylor and Sgt Ads Farr.
My CDC Experience
Sgt (SI) M Woods RAPTC
For me, the experience of working in the Course Design Cell has been eye- opening and incredibly rewarding. I have gained so much insight about DSAT and developed my skills, both professionally and personally.
When I joined CDC, I was not expecting a particularly fulfilling experience. I thought that I would just be sitting at my desk doing mundane tasks and not learning much. However, I quickly discovered that it was just the opposite. Every day, I was thrown into tasks that challenged and pushed me to think differently. I had to consider multiple angles when completing projects, ask the right questions and double-check decisions. At the beginning, I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information I had to digest and the sheer complexity of the tasks, but
Sgt (SI) Woods (with the ball) and the RAPTC Basketball Team
with dedication and effort, I was able to effectively tackle each project and come out with successful results. This helped hone my organisational, problem-solving, and creative skills; being exposed to various aspects of course design such as brainstorming, designing, and creating. In addition to the professional skills I have acquired, I have also been able to fulfil my CPD plan. Working with new people every day has made me more aware of the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Not every conversation was easy-going, but I learned that being patient, understanding and open- minded is key when working in a team environment.
Working in CDC has been a wonderful experience. I didn’t expect to walk away with such rewarding lessons that I can now apply both at work and in my everyday life.
CDC Sporting Achievements
SSgt (SSI) J Miller RAPTC
As always, the team has remained busy with the daily churn of work, however, there has been scope for everyone to get away to attend their sports.
SSgt (SSI) Spence has once again shown her extraordinary levels of fitness by winning the BAWF Individual competition in Oct 22. Alongside this she has also competed in the European CrossFit quarter finals which saw her team qualify for the semi-finals in Jun 23. WO2 (QMSI) Taylor along with Sgt (SI) Colwill have played an important role in the promotion of Army Diving. Both have represented the Army at the 2022 Inter Services Championships. WO2 (QMSI) Taylor was awarded the Director of the Army Sports Control Board Coin for his service and support to Army Diving. Sgt (SI) Woods has been representing the Corps in both Rugby and Basketball. Showing his skills as an all-round athlete, Sgt (SI) Woods played in all rugby fixtures and has been nominated as the “Rookie Player of the Year” for the Basketball Team. This year I have been fortunate enough to play Rugby for both the Corps and the Army Masters and continue with coaching the Army Women’s Team.
The sporting accolades and achievements the team have achieved over the past 12 months have been impressive and long may they continue.
 SSgt (SSI) Miller with fellow “Apostles” representing the Army Masters

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