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As another year passes by, the ASPT CAV Cell remains the powerhouse that drives the ASPT. Despite the rapid pace, our team has tackled every challenge whilst refining our processes, resulting in enhanced departmental efficiency and productivity. As we remain steadfast in our support of the ASPT Mission, we continually strive to improve the lived experience of our team.
With a full staffing complement, the CAV Cell now enjoys a stability it has long awaited, along with the opportunity to realign numerous work strands. The dept has also seen some recent changes, including the appointment of a new Coordination Assurance Validation Officer (CAVO), Capt (MAA) “Flip” Marke RAPTC, who has spent almost a year in the role and is now fully conversant with the department’s intricacies and challenges. Another addition to the team is Mrs Genna Ford, who assumed the position of RAPTC Selection & Transfer Clerk, providing valuable contributions that have lifted the weight off the team’s shoulders. The “three amigos”: Warrant Officers (TCWO - WO2 (QMSI) Josh Shackleton RAPTC, TAWO - WO2 Neil McMahon RLC and TVWO - WO2 (QMSI) Steve Burnell RAPTC) remain shining examples of upholding high standards whilst spearheading several departmental initiatives within their respective roles, which only reinforces their credentials as highly capable Warrant Officers.
While we maintain a busy schedule, our team understands the importance of having some leisure time. During
WO2 (QMSI) J Shackleton RAPTC
  weekday afternoons, you can often spot us donning our lycra and cycling around Hampshire. We use lunch breaks to engage in PT activities, and occasionally, we treat ourselves to a team lunch while on a Cultural Visit, often in London. These activities serve as a reminder that a balanced work-life is necessary to create a cohesive team. We recently visited “The Royal Mews” and received a comprehensive behind-the-scenes tour, where we examined various royal carriages, state cars, and working horses. The extraordinary Gold State Coach used in the Coronation of King Charles III stole the show. Additionally, we visited the “Royal Hospital Chelsea,” where we
The Royal Hospital Chelsea Visit
explored the grounds, learned about its history, and met Chelsea Pensioners, providing us with valuable insight into the care provided to our veterans. It was extra special because we spent the day with a former RAPTCI, WO1 (SMI) Rodney Trenam, who has been at the RH since January 2022, and shared his noteworthy stories during the Mess social gathering we attended. These activities have invigorated our team and remind us of the value of work-life balance towards building a highly functional team.
While celebrating our achievements, we remain committed to our roles and acknowledge the significant responsibility that comes with serving at the Army School of Physical Training - a challenge and a privilege that we embrace with zeal.
  The Royal Mews Visit
Team Physical Training

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