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                                 the future officers of the British Army and host nations. Even though The Academy is a busy and very demanding place to work, during my time here I’ve been afforded opportunity to represent the Academy at the Army Minor Units Triathlon Relay and also to play RAPTC Rugby.
KMA Breda V RMAS –
Sgt (SI) J Fleming RAPTC
60 RMAS OCdts visited the Koninklijke Militaire Academie (KMA) Breda, Netherlands over the period 18-20 Nov 22. All OCdts took part in a cultural and experiential exchange with their Phase 1 Dutch counterparts whilst competing in an Inter-Collegiate competition. An ideal opportunity for OCdts from RMAS to demonstrate sporting prowess and bolster historic relations between the two military academies.
During an exceptionally busy forecast, OCdts from the academy have continued to evolve through persistent engagement and commitment to physical development through sport, this was the first overseas engagement following the pandemic.
Breda PT Wing Team
Breda by night
    Breda Academy
 The event held by the KMA Breda saw sports such as, Rugby, Football, Hockey, Netball, British Army Warrior Fitness, Handball, a Speed-March competition and a traditional Dutch game named Tchoukball. Sport consistently remains at the forefront of the academy and provides a platform for building solid foundations and relationships for our future leaders.
A hard-fought competition saw OCdts demonstrate admirable levels of determination courage and commitment. KMA Breda came out on top overall resulting in a deserved home win. The highlight of the competition was the Rugby fixture, RMAS demonstrated high levels of team cohesion, skill, and effort to see off the KMA Breda rugby team with a

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