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  The RAPTC athletics team has had a great year both on and off the track this season. The introduction of newly badged RAPTCIs was a big boost to the team and at the Inter Corps Athletics Championships we achieved our best finish position ever at the championships, placing 3rd behind the Royal Logistics Corps and the Royal Engineers.
At the 2022 Army Athletics Association Sports Dinner and Awards Ceremony, three RAPTCIs received awards for their outstanding performance and contribution both on and off the track. This abstract is dedicated to those RAPTCIs that were recognised for their hard work and contribution to the sport.
Army Athletics Male Athlete of the Year SSgt (SSI) K Bowling RAPTC
Awarded to the male athlete who in the opinion of the committee has made the most significant contribution to Army Athletics during the year. SSgt Bowling has been a constant member of the Army Road, Cross Country, and Track & Field Team for the last 5 years, The 2022 season was a great year for him with success across all 3 disciplines and an outstanding effort at the Inter Corps Track & Field Championships. Injured in the early part of the year he was not able to participate in the main part of the Cross-Country season but competed for the RAPTC as they won the Inter Corps Cross Country Relay Championships. He represented the Army at the Inter Service Marathon Championships in London coming a very credible 2nd in the Army Marathon championships. He was a key member of the successful Male team that won the IS Marathon Championships for 2022.
Sgt (SI) O Muskwe RAPTC
 RAPTC Athletics Team at the Inter Corps Athletics Championships. From left to right: Sgt (SI) S Cousins, WO2 (QMSI) M Rush, Sgt (SI) K Hanes, SSgt (SSI) D Hammond, Sgt (SI) R Wilkins, Sgt (SI) M Woods, Capt (MAA) C McMullen, Sgt (SI) O Muskwe, WO2 (QMSI) R Davies, SSgt (SSI) K Bowling, Maj (MAA) S Chappell.
The George Crump Trophy
SSgt (SSI) S Caine RAPTC
Awarded to the Official, Coach or Manager who has contributed most to Army Athletics during the year in a managerial, administrative, or coaching capacity. SSgt Caine is one of the unsung heroes of sport who sit in the background and allow others to take the credit and just get on with the task at hand. As the Regional Secretary for Cross Country in the South he has ensured that the Southern Cross Country League has been a vibrant and successful league that allows the grassroots cross country in the Army to thrive and grow. His previous experience in Track and Field have proved invaluable to the Army Athletics Secretary as he has proved to be an exceptional Clerk of the Course and
has been key to the successful running of all Major Army and IS Championships in Aldershot stadium for the past 4 years. He has now also taken on the role of Army Officials Secretary and through hard work and determination he delivered the highest number of RAPTC officials we have had at events for several years.
The President’s Award
Capt (MAA) J Foreshew RAPTC
This is a special award which is awarded by the President or Chairman to an individual or team who has achieved something notable during the year. Capt Foreshew has either participated, supported, organised or lead Cross Country for over 26 years of his exemplary time in Service. In April 2022 he and a mixed team of RAPTC athletes became Guinness World Record Holders for LE JOG – Land’s End to John O’Groats. Not only did they secure the GWR, but they smashed the previous record by over 18 hours, completing it in 3 days 23 hours and 40 minutes, running in less-than-ideal conditions showing real dogged determination and mental robustness.
Despite having decided to leave the Army he decided to organise a Road and Cross-Country Overseas Tour to South Africa and was the driving force behind its success. Every athlete that took part in the tour gained valuable experience training in the same location as several high-quality international athletes. Effects and success of this tour will be seen for years to come, and it will be in no small part down to the effort of Capt Foreshew both before and during the tour.
 Army Athletics Association Sports Dinner and Awards Ceremony. From left to right: Sgt (SI) O Muskwe, SSgt (SSI) S Caine, WO2 (QMSI) R Davies, Capt (MAA) J Foreshew, SSgt (SSI) K Bowling, Capt (MAA) C McMullen RAPTC.

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