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  The RAPTC Basketball Team travelled to Lisbon, Portugal, to conduct their warm weather training camp over the period of 18 – 24 Sep 22. Upon arrival to the Portuguese capital, we were delightfully greeted with some much sought after sunshine and warm weather.
On arrival at the hotel, the team embedded into their surroundings with the committee discussing the week’s plan and objectives we were looking to achieve. The following morning was spent watching the Royal funeral paying respects to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II marking the end of an unprecedented seventy-year reign. The team conducted numerous cultural visits with the first being to Torre de Belem, which served as a point of embarkation and disembarkation for Portuguese explorers and a ceremonial gateway to Lisbon in the late 15th century.
On day three the team headed to a local sports complex and spent the morning conducting the first team training session led by SSgt (SSI) Francis, delivering a comprehensive package aimed to develop the team’s offensive and defensive strategies. Our first game followed later that evening with a tough opposition in CB Queluz, the game proved invaluable and challenged the team’s mental resilience. The game resulted in a loss but a valuable one, allowing us to draw from the game day experience to take into the next fixture.
Day four was spent actively recovering and analysing gameday footage for the coach to formulate and address work on areas prior to the next game. A Visit to Santuario De Cristo Rei followed later that day; the Cristo Rei project was inaugurated on 17 May 1959 to express gratitude because the Portuguese were spared the direct destructive effects of World War II. The statue was inspired by the Christ the Redeemer statue of Rio de Janeiro.
The RAPTC Basketball 3x3 competition took place in Alcantara, where the local artistically designed basketball court
Santuario De Cristo Rei. Left to Right: SSgt (SSI) Francis, SSgt (SSI) Robson, SSgt (SSI) Tash, Sgt (SI) John, Sgt (SI) Robbie, Capt (MAA) Balwah, WO1 (SMI) Brown)
Torre De Belem team photograph. Left to Right: WO1 (SMI) Brown, Capt (MAA) Balwah, SSgt (SSI) Tash, Sgt (SI) John, SSgt (SSI) Francis, Sgt (SI) Robbie, SSgt (SSI) Robson).
Sgt (SI) S John RAPTC
 hosted the team to a fierce morning of 3x3 competitive basketball gameplay. WO1 (SMI) Brown inherited Steph Curry like attributes dominating behind the arc dropping 3s on his opponents. And whilst all players displayed exceptional levels of competitiveness and skill, the SMI’s team took the competition win.
The final day of the visit finished with the team conducting their final team training session followed by another hard-fought fixture vs Academia Lumiar. Although building on the lessons identified from
Alcantara 3x3 Basketball Competition. Left to Right: Sgt (SI) Robbie, Capt (MAA) Balwah, Sgt (SI) John, SSgt (SSI) Francis, SSgt (SSI) Robson, SSgt (SSI) Tash, WO1 (SMI) Brown)
the previous fixture the team incurred a defeat against a well-drilled opponent. The overall experience proved invaluable for the development of RAPTC Basketball and has allowed the team to develop both on and off the court, ready for the upcoming season.
A great experience had by all members with WO1 (SMI) Brown taking the tour MVP trophy and SSgt (SSI) Tash taking the defensive player of the tour accolade. Next up-USAOSV23.
Sgt (SI) John denying SSgt (SSI) Francis an open shot in the 3x3 competition

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