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It has been a challenging but successful 12-months for the Battalion, which has included a Unit move from the United
Kingdom over to the warmer climates of Cyprus. Whilst forming as the Resident Infantry Battalion (RIB) in Episkopi, the Battalion has also continued with operational commitments in Jordan, Kuwait and the Oman, as well as providing training and support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Op INTERFLEX. With so many potential hurdles, the Gym team has done well in maintaining operational fitness and including both Sport and Adventurous Training activities throughout the year.
In October 2022, SSgt (SSI) Kirkbright handed over the reins to myself as the new Battalion RAPTCI. Since then, physical training has taken advantage of Cyprus’s delights, with various lessons and Company competitions utilising the sand, sea and hilly terrain on offer. The rivalry and competition between the sub- units is always high and made worthwhile when there is often a BBQ or bacon butties to finish on the beach.
Sporting participation and success have come from a range of sports, from Football, British Army Warrior Fitness (BAWF), Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), Cross County, Rugby and Triathlon. Boxing in particular was a sport that stood out this year. A goal was set to organise and execute a Christmas boxing event against our Infantry neighbours - 1 Royal Anglian Regiment. This turned out to be a great success and a fantastic night had by all. This was again more impressive with the Battalion only being settled on Island for less than six months. The event turned out to be a kick-starter for the Boxing team, where they could maintain momentum
SSgt (SSI) W Jervis RAPTC
 and travel across the UK to train with various clubs and progress through the Major Unit Boxing Competition where they were narrowly defeated in the semi- finals. Disappointingly, this was decided on the last bout of the night.
To see the year out with a bang, the Battalion conducted an Inter-Company Christmas PT Competition on the back training area before falling out for Christmas leave. The Gym team wrapped up presents (jerry cans), packed Santa’s sledge (stretchers, drag bags & tyres) and scattered them in various locations. The Companies were then informed of a scenario that Santa was in a crash, and it was their task to save Christmas by retrieving Santa and all his presents. Each Company where able to save their Santa and, to finish, overcome the never-ending snake hill. The day was finished with the annual Jnr ranks Christmas dinner/food fight, where the gym team were relieved
Santa’s ready to be deployed for some Christmas PT
that it was held in the MT hanger instead of the Gymnasium for a change and saved them from picking brussels sprouts off the squat racks!
The Battalion now looks forward to another year in the Mediterranean and seeing what 2023 throws at us.
The gym team cooling down
1 LANCS and 1 R ANGLIAN Boxing teams

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