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                                 Lt Col Moore (Commanding Officer), WO1 (RSM) Henderson and WO2 (QMSI) Hunt with the winning team of the RSM’s Challenge
Proudly new in post with the “Barbarians” who have been defending Gibraltar since 1939, in all
major theatres from 1969. I had the pleasure to take over from WO2 Maclaughlan RAPTC in Nov 22. The first week involved being in No2 dress twice, once for a Royal Gun Salute at Grand Battery House and the other for Remembrance within the city centre.
The RSM’s Challenge is a 12km endurance event over difficult terrain designed to develop leadership, teamwork, and to test physical and mental robustness. This took place in December and teams from across BFGib took part. The event consisted of 2 parts, part 1: 5.5km loaded march carrying
LCpl McGuffie Air Bike / Foam Roller Challenge at the BFGib Health Fair
15kg from Devils Tower Camp to Buffadero Training Centre (BTC). Part 2: 6.5km team best effort from BTC to Princess Caroline Battery, with the addition of a GPMG and other burdens along the route. It was a well fought contest allowing more junior members of the regiment to gain valuable experience in leadership.
Following Christmas leave, January was seen as the ideal opportunity to host a Health Fair, a successful day with interactive stands, challenges and subject matter expert advice on all matters relating to health & fitness.
The unit have been very welcoming to me and I am grateful for their
Royal Gibraltar Regiment Tactical PT on the Rock
kindness. Furthermore, I thank the Joint Physical Development Unit for their support throughout the transitional period from the UK to Gibraltar. Gemma, I, and the dogs have settled in well.
WO2 (QMSI) D Hunt & WO2 (QMSI) M Maclaughlan RAPTC at Remembrance Service Gibraltar

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