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                                 From a Physical Development front this year, the Royal Lancers have focussed on re-energising its Sports
and Adventurous Training participation whilst remaining committed to overseas and domestic operations and exercises.
Over the course of 2022, the Royal Lancers were able to secure funds and repurpose a hangar to develop an outstanding strength and conditioning shelter. This has considerably improved the unit’s ability to deliver the Army Physical Training System (APTS).
In Sport, the Royal Lancers competed in Football, Rugby, Cricket, Golf, Swimming and Athletics competitions at regional and Army competitions. In December 2022, the unit held an Inter Sqn Boxing event, with 7 bouts in an evening of outstanding boxing.
This year, the Royal Lancers have delivered Type 2 and 3 Adventurous Training (AT) activities in Scotland, the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. There was also a healthy representation at Skiing in France and Austria, both competitively as sport and on AT. This year also saw the Cycling team conduct a sports tour in Scotland and the Football team toured Colorado, USA.
The Regiment is always keen to get its Soldiers around the world. In addition to the Op RESCRIPT Support, this year, the Regiment deployed a sub-unit to Poland (Op CABRIT), Kosovo and Bosnia (Op ELGIN), South Korea (Ex IMJAN WARRIOR) and Belize (Ex MAYAN WARRIOR).
In 2023, the Royal Lancers will again be supporting Op ELGIN and Op CABRIT, and will also be supporting Ukrainian forces on Op INTERFLEX. On a sporting front, the unit will be sending a cycling and cricket team on Overseas Sports Visits (OSVs).
SSgt (SSI) R Manderson RAPTC
 Royal Lancers Football team on their Tour of Colorado
  Royal Lancers Strength and Conditioning Suite – before...
...and after

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