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WO1 (SMI) J Marshall RAPTC
  WO1 (SMI) J Marshall RAPTC
Life within the Bde HQ has been somewhat of a turbulent and hectic year with a significant amount of
change in line with the Integrated Review. To put it into perspective, I have had 3 Assignment Orders in the space of 12 months! I took over the reins as the Bde SMI from big Richy Richardson in May 22 on promotion. On arrival, I was informed that 1 Armoured Infantry Brigade would cease to exist and would be amalgamating with 1 Arty Brigade in July that year. The new Brigade would become 1 Deep Recce Strike Brigade Combat Team, which is a new concept. As a result, I would have a complete change of Regiments and RAPTCIs from an OPCOM perspective,
SSgt (SSI) Manderson RAPTC getting some rope action
with a shift from Infantry battalions to Royal Artillery and Cavalry ones.
As a newly formed Brigade, the HQ element has been working tirelessly to ensure the Deep Recce Strike concept works and integrates effectively with the rest of the Division. This has been successfully demonstrated on Ex CERBERUS in Germany and JOINT WARFIGHTER in Texas.
From a Physical Development (PD) perspective, I was fortunate to host US Army Captains Sorrell and Butler from the United States Army Centre for Initial Military Training. The purpose of the visit
was to inform them of how PD operated within the context of a busy Brigade with an ever-increasing output in support of ongoing Ops and UK taskings.
The Brigade conducted the inaugural Warrior Fitness Games, many thanks to SSgt Wilcox who hosted the outstanding event at 5 Regt RA in Catterick. The overall winners of the event were 5 Regt RA who look forward to defending their title towards the latter part of 2023.
The Brigade HQ has successfully completed two AT Expeds, including Skiing in Val Thorens and a high risk and remote Exped to ascend the peak (5,230m) of Mt Iztaccihuatl, in Iztaccihuatl Popocatepetl National Park in Mexico.
Dec 22 saw the situation all change again! Assignment number 3 of the year would see my role as the Bde SMI for the Deep Recce Strike Brigade be consumed. In line with the Integrated Review, I would be assigned in May 23 as an SMI at HQ 3 Div, working alongside the SO2 PD, Maj (MAA) Craig Woolass, SMI Health and Deployability WO1 (SMI) Gaz Halliwell and WO1 (SMI) Stu Hawkins from HQ 20 Brigade. I look forward to and relish the challenges and opportunities as an SMI at HQ 3 Div and operating within the 2* space.
  Maj Richie Windard and SMI John Marshall hosting the US Army visit
The Warrior Fitness Medal Haul

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