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Sport has been flourishing at 1 RHA with the annual Moore Trophy Competition in which the Batteries
compete in various sports including: Football, Basketball, Rugby, Cross Country, Tug of War and British Army Warrior Fitness (BAWF). After a highly competitive day, it was E Bty who were victorious, taking home the prestigious Moore Trophy Cup.
1 RHA women’s basketball team won the inter-unit basketball championships in Aldershot, winning all their games throughout the round robin competition. It was a close contest between 1 RHA and 4 Regiment RLC, but it was 1 RHA who were crowned champions.
This year has been the first year of the HQ South West (HQSW) Female Sports League competition. 1 RHA are currently sitting top of the leader board having won
the Basketball, Netball, Badminton, and Football competition. There are currently two sports remaining in the competition, Volleyball and BAWF. Another win in either of these sports will crown 1 RHA the overall winners of the competition.
The Regiment also took part in a week- long leadership training package which involved a 5km outdoor assault course race where teams of ten worked together climbing, wading, scrambling and scaling a wide range of arduous obstacles. This was a fantastic event which emphasised the importance of teamwork and leadership as well as the moral component of team cohesion.
After an extremely busy year with Btys deployed to Estonia (Op CABRIT), Germany and supporting Op INTERFLEX, sport has been a welcome release for the Troops.
(Main) E Bty tug of war team winning important
points for the annual Moore Trophy Competition (Above) 1 RHA Women’s Basketball team, winners of the Inter Unit Championships in Aldershot
Overall, it has been a busy but rewarding period for the Gym staff of 1 RHA. I’ve had a very enjoyable two years with the Gunners thus far. They have welcomed me with open arms and often invite me on their live firing exercises on Salisbury Plain to watch the AS90s in action.
I’m looking forward to my final year as SSI 1 RHA and to build on this year’s sporting achievements.

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