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1st Aviation Brigade Combat Team (BCT) HQ is located at the home of the Army Air Corps in Middle Wallop. The BCT’s operational outputs include; Aviation support to domestic and
overseas counter terrorism; the generation of a Combat Aviation Force at high readiness for warfighting; the generation readiness Aviation Task Force HQs to support Field Army Troops and the Joint Helicopter Force. In barracks, the role of the BCT HQ is to command, administer and assure the safety of a population at risk exceeding 2200 Service Personnel across 7 subordinate units collectively flying 90 helicopters (Apache and Wildcat).
For context, there are over 180 personnel within the BCT HQ, it has a vast geographical footprint with echelons located in Yeovilton, Aldergrove, Wattisham Flying Station and Middle Wallop. My primary role is to provide guidance to the Brigade Commander on all PD-related matters, of equal importance is the additional layer of PD support that I can provide to 6 excellent RAPTCIs within the Aviation Brigade’s subordinate units.
In the past twelve months the BCT has been on a pathway to validation conducting Field Exercises alongside 3XX in Germany (EXERCISE CERBERUS) and most recently in the USA (EXERCISE WARFIGHTER). Amid a relentless forecast of events the BCT HQ still managed to squeeze in some adventurous training, deploying to France on EXERCISE PINION PISTE, a skiing expedition delivering Ski-Foundation Level 1 and 2. Personally, I can confirm that the aims of AT were achieved, having spent a majority of the week in a stretch – panic zone, my mental, physical and emotional states were all significantly challenged.
This year has also seen a rollout of MyZone amongst the entire BCT HQ, coffee mornings no longer involve work chat, instead most conversations are on MEPS (MyZone Effort Points) and PT. A 1* formation is busy, staff struggle to consistently attend organised PT, however, MyZone has afforded individual accountability enabling staff to conduct prescribed sessions at a more convenient time. Crucially, all personnel are spending less time in a sedentary position and moving more, an overwhelming majority reporting significant improvements in both their physical and mental wellbeing.
The last 12 months has also seen the BCT HQ gain a new blue jacket and red belt amongst its ranks, in the form of LCpl Parry, who successfully attended AAPTI Cse 71. LCpl Parry has been
delivering high-quality PT and has already set his sights on a future in the RAPTC.
Following selection for a commission into the RAPTC, my tenure as the first ever Aviation BCT PD SMI is almost complete, I am immensely proud to have held such a prestigious position and being afforded an opportunity to work with the Army Air Corps. From a PD perspective, much has been achieved in the last 18-months in terms of establishing an enduring RAPTCI role within the BCT HQ. I would like to thank the RAPTCIs who I have served with during this period for all their outstanding work and commitment.
AAPTI Cse Pass Off Parade – LCpl Parry and WO1 Lewis
WO1 (SMI) G Lewis Skiing in France

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