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                                  4Regiment Army Air Corps (4AAC) are held at both Extremely and Very High Readiness (VHR), and
optimised for warfighting on behalf of Joint Helicopter Command (JHC). With an almost constant commitment of having Attack Aviation in the sky, the Regiment still produces the normal outputs required by the Field Army.
4 AAC, like most of the Army, has had a busy year with Squadrons deployed overseas. In response to heightened Russian force movements in Eastern Europe prior to the invasion of Ukraine, Aviation Task Force 1 (ATF 1) with both 4AACs 664 Sqn and attachments of Chinook from 18 Sqn RAF deployed to Lithuania in Feb 22 until Mar 22. After recovering ATF 1, 664 Sqn then deployed to North Macedonia on Ex SWIFT RESPONSE Apr-May 22. This was whilst 4AAC’s other Squadron, 656 Sqn, were deployed on Ex CLOCKWORK in the Arctic from Dec 21 – Feb 22. Regimental Headquarters deployed on Op CERBERUS during Oct 22 as part of the Aviation Task Force 1 and of course the Land Operations Command (LOC) kept various individuals busy on trawls ranging from Africa through to the Middle East. For the remainder of the Regiment, the battle rhythm continued at a high tempo, with all Departments balancing a busy but enjoyable forecast of events.
On a sporting front, the Regt have been competing in the Commanding
Capt J Higgins, 2IC 654 HQ Company. Flag bearer for Remembrance Parade in Ipswich town centre.
With the uncertain times and changes to modern conflict, 4 Regt AAC will continue to train and be ready to react and provide war-winning attack aviation. Supporting JHC will always be the main effort but there is no harm in having fun along the way.
Officer’s Cup Competition in a series of Inter-Squadron based events, which covered all aspects of the components of fitness. These events have proved to be challenging and enjoyable for all those involved. Outside of Regimental sports, 4 AAC have excelled in many different areas including: UK Midlands Volleyball Champions 23, REME badminton Championship’s singles winner and 3rd place at the UK Midlands Inter Unit Basketball Championships. Sport is a big part of the Unit and is being driven by the Chain of Command at all levels. Other achievements of note were the completion of a 100K ultra trail walk by a 4-man team and a Regimental Remembrance parade through Ipswich Town centre.
4 AAC continue to promote and deliver Adventurous Training (AT) at every opportunity. Between the deployments, 51% of the Unit still managed to conduct AT, a great achievement considering the tempo of being an EHR/VHR Unit. Some of the Expeditions (Expeds) were, Ex DRAGON ALPINE ARCHER (Alpine skiing), Ex DRAGON SYRENA PERIPETIA (multi-activity in Capel Curig), Ex DRAGON CRIMSON CANYON (Canoeing in Utah, USA). With over 10 different Type2/Type3 Expeds to pick from, the Officers and Soldiers of 4 Regt were able to be challenged in different environments, which helped to promote team cohesion and enhance overall operational effectiveness.
    LCpl Sheikh, Sgt Tamang, LCpl Hobbs and LCpl Ronan on completion of a gruelling 100k Ultra trail walk

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