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   Since completing the RAPTC Instructor Course I have taken over the reigns as the new mainstream
Sergeant Instructor (SI) at 5 Regiment Army Air Corps (5 Regt AAC), Aldergrove Flying Station from SSgt (SSI) W Jarvis RAPTC.
5 Regt AAC is a very busy unit, constantly on high readiness and always at the forefront of aviation. Generating, preparing, and delivering Aviation Force Elements at Extreme High Readiness for operational deployment in support of UK Counter-Terrorism Operations.
My first tasking was to help support and deliver the annual Regimental Sergeant Major ‘s (RSM’s) cup competition. The aim of the event is to enhance team cohesion within the regiment whilst promoting the idea of a thinking soldier. This year the event took place at Magilligan Training Area on the North Coast of NI. Exposed to the elements across an 8km route racing against the clock to complete mental and physical tasks finishing off with an Live Firing Tactical (LFT) shoot.
The competition was a great success seeing teams from the REME Workshops and departments from 655 HQ Sqn
Sgt (SI) K Watson RAPTC
compete for nearly 2 hours, which saw a team of Pilots, “The old boys”, take the win on what was a fantastic event.
The regiment has been very busy in my tenure so far, promoting sport and AT with teams and personnel competing in the Cyprus 4-day running challenge, Army Minor units Football cup semi – final, REME Craftsman cup, Exercise EAGLE SKI, Exercise SUPREME GLACIER and a Battlefield Study to Crete in Feb.
The role of the regiment has recently taken a different turn, with the gazelle going out of service in
March 24 and Project Matcha
being turned off. This has seen the regiment taking on many taskings including a long- term detachment to Middle Wallop to support high priority taskings for Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) alongside supporting our current day-to-day business
in NI.
Most recently, Aldergrove Station Gymnasium has undergone a
large renovation as part of the Physical Training Equipment (PTE) uplift. This has seen parts of the gym’s sports hall flooring uplifted into a brand-new Strength and Conditioning area, which has been a long time coming for the station and something everyone has been looking forward to.
Closing in on my first 7-months as a mainstream instructor within the Corps, what has been a massive learning curve has been one I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, having learnt more than I ever thought I could retain in such a short period. My
time here wouldn’t haven’t been as smooth without the great bond and ethos between the personnel
within the regiment.
Serving at 5 Regt AAC as my first unit has been an absolute pleasure so far and I look forward to challenges and great times
ahead in the rest of my assignment here with the
Sgt (SI) K Watson RAPTC
Aldergrove Station Gym Refurbishment

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