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                                  7Aviation Support Battalion REME (7 Avn Sp Bn REME) has had an extremely busy year across all trade groups within a rigorous daily camp routine and deploying further afield on several major exercises in support of 1 Aviation Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs) missions and tasks. Additionally, the Bn are looking forward to an Adventurous Training (AT) standdown period with trips planned to Bavaria, Cyprus and within the UK.
Future Soldier (FS) has radically changed the Bn ORBAT. Earlier this year the Brigade Support Group (BSG) was tested by deploying on Ex CERBERUS where it was required to develop its planning and command processes. The BSG successfully conducted five planning cycles covering routine Combat Service Support (CSS) activity, BSG moves and the rehabilitation of the 3 Aviation Task Forces. In addition, 72 HQ Coy supported various planning processes and have also carried the responsibility of overseeing the recce, siting, and establishing the BSG in the field amongst many other roles. Among all taskings, personnel have participated in an array of sporting opportunities such as: Regional Cross Country, Orienteering events and the British Army Warrior Fitness (BAWF) team series to name a few.
Sgt (SI) Pine RAPTC
 70 Field Coy have now fully integrated their structure and transitioned to a highly effective organisation to support the BCT’s land-based focus. 70 Coy implemented their capability during Ex PINION OMAN, through the rehabilitation of the land training fleet activation for
Op CLOCKWORK, the highlight of this year’s efforts. 70 Coy also completed a two-month deployment to BATUK on Ex ASKARI PHOENIX 2. Working tirelessly throughout their deployment, a well- deserved R&R period was required. This was shaped through community engagement initiatives with local Schools, partaking in Safaris, and a perilous rafting Expedition down the River Mathioyo.
71 Coy have now assumed a general support role where they offer maintenance packages, theatre reserve, component repair and an array of additional employment capabilities. At present, 71 Coy are currently tasked with the delivery of the Apache ‘E model’ engineering acceptance and employability programme.
Providing additional logistical supply and support, 132 Avn Supply Sqn have been solely responsible for the disposal of the Apache MK1 Attack Helicopter and when deployed maintain an adaptable nature by ensuring that parts and supplies are stored and readily available in preparation for current and future taskings.
7 Avn Sp Bn personnel have matched the unrelenting battle rhythm thus far this year, however, have plenty to look forward to in the coming months. The Bn has recently reinvigorated Sport by means of a CO’s cup competition (Mariner’s Trophy), with 71 Coy winning the first challenging Cross Country event.
7 Avn Sp Bn REME personnel on Ex DRAGON SAILING
 Capt S Higgins (Left) and Capt C Mcguigan (Right) battle for Poll position during CO’s Cup, Event 1 - Cross Country

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