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  What another busy year it’s been for the Light Dragoons, with deployments to Kenya, Oman, Estonia, Ex WESSEX STORM and Op INTERFLEX, coupled with a number of smaller trawls around the country.
From a Physical Development (PD) perspective, the Light Dragoons have had some extensive upgrades to the gym to further support the delivery of the Army Physical Training System (ATS) and give all Service Personnel (SP) of the Light Dragoons the ability to train specific- to-task as well as complementing their personal training.
The total cost of the uplifts was circa £150,000.00, which included full flooring of the gym floor, Astroturf strips, large Beaverfit rig, skill mills, ski ergs, assault bikes, dumbbells, kettlebells....and still more to come!
The uplift has been well supported across the Regiment and this is shown by the increased footfall in the evenings of SP conducting personal training.
This year we have introduced the new Iron Dragoon competition. Much like the old 300 Club for the Personal Fitness Assessment (PFA), the Iron Dragoon is a score-based competition in which SP must achieve a minimum score of 84 out of 90 points across all 6 elements of the SCR (Soldier Conditioning Review). Whilst 84 points is a hard score to achieve, it is very much achievable and aimed at the top 1% of the Regiment. As it stands, there are only 2 individuals that have achieved this score, however, there will be more in the near future.
SSgt (SSI) C Pennington RAPTC
   I can’t talk about the Light Dragoons and not mention the Bismarck Challenge! The Bismarck Challenge is a 4 x 4-mile relay race carrying 15kg. The competition was started in 2019 as part of a 1 Div competition and the Light Dragoons have won it every year without exception!
This year was so close to a clean sweep for all the teams. Our male and female teams placed first overall, whilst our mixed team was placed second but only
by 1-minute. Roll on 2023 where we can continue to showcase our dominance at a very prestigious competition.
Light Dragoons very first Iron Dragoon
Light Dragoons Gymnasium pre- and post-uplift
 Bismarck Champions 2022

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