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SSgt (SSI) B Charlton RAPTC
SSgt (SSI) G Robson RAPTC
Assigned to 1 Military Intelligence Battalion (1 MI Bn) in May 22, I quickly learned the challenges a MI Unit presents. Due to the Bn’s geographically dispersed sub-units, their varying degrees of readiness and the overall mission of delivering Intelligence to a wide range of 1-3 Star expeditionary at Readiness (@R) formation HQs.
The Unit takes every opportunity it can to host Bn concentrations to conduct training and to enhance team cohesion. The first exposure coming 4-weeks into my tenure, when asked to facilitate the Bn Inter Coy Sports Competition. The event saw multiple sporting events take place within Catterick Garrison over a two-day period. 5-a-Side Football featured heavily over the two days, due to the Commanding Officer being a Football Enthusiast, although he seemed to be wearing two left boots. Finishing with Potted sports, the Competition was a huge success, with the infamous ‘Cyclone Run’ still talked about to this day.
Sep 22 & Feb 23, 1 MI Bn deployed on Exercise’s EAGLES SOAR & EAGLES EDGE, both exercises involved teams competing against each other, over three days whilst in the field. The competitions were tough, sections included rank- ranges from Pte – Capt, meaning there was plenty of experience on hand when challenged with military tasks. The phrase ‘Oh No, what are you doing here’ when the RAPTCI is spotted in the field, becoming a familiar phrase on both Exercises.
Due to the locations of many of the sub-units, PD assurance has its challenges, as does sustainability of the unit’s readiness. However, conducting visits to the sub-units and travelling the country has been a welcome break from the office and I look forward to the challenges this unique unit will offer me during the remainder of my assignment.
1 MI Bn Cross-Country Team – UK North Minor Unit Runners Up
 Having just finished my 3rd tour in an ERI role at AFC Harrogate, I was looking forward to leading my own
unit as the RAPTCI in the mainstream role. There was no better place to do this than in North Yorkshire in the little town of Ripon at Claro Barracks with 21 Engineer Regiment. With the majority of the Regiment already deployed on Op TOSCA, this gave me plenty of time to get my feet underneath the desk. This meant I had time to adjust and adapt into my new role and encourage the majority of the rear party to participate in the Army Indoor Rowing Championships.
There is currently a couple of unique standouts that make this regiment interesting, the first one being that the size of the regiment is currently the largest in the British Army. The second is that amongst the 5 squadrons they currently have, 23 Amphibious squadron hold the fort in Sennelager, Germany, the previous home of the ASPT (G), where I also completed my AAPTI course back in 2009. This gives me the rare opportunity to travel to Germany and visit the squadron on any given moment, mainly assisting them remotely with any PD-related matters.
The task of running the Regiment’s PT Staff has been coupled with the start of my university degree and captaining the Army Indoor Rowing team, where I organised an overseas sports tour to Canada. This was where I identified Spr Coffey, a young PTI who narrowly missed out on a podium finish in the 500m.
Keen for their sports in the Regiment, this will be the first time I experience the Sapper Games which will see a variety
of 24 sports from Angling to Karting and being held at Chatham Station.
With all the usual tasks throughout the year for an RAPTCI, the Commanding Officer has asked me to integrate an Inter Sqn competition back into Regimental and Commanding Officer’s PT, thereby seeking to encourage healthy competition post-COVID.
The Regiment recently held an outstanding boxing night for the first time in 2 years. An amazing night organised by WO2 Smalley and saw all 11 bouts go the distance.
The Engineers have been stationed at Claro Barracks for numerous years and talk of a move to Catterick are ongoing, however, the move has been delayed which means they are here to stay for the foreseeable future. I have much more to look forward during my time with 21 Engineers and will continue to enjoy my role.
21 Engineer Regiment during Commanding Officer’s Competition
   SSgt Charlton’s visit to Sennelager meeting up with WO2 Khan

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