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                                  This year the gymnasium staff have been involved within many events, however one of the most memorable activities that the gym staff organised was to bid farewell to the previous CO, Lt Col Dobson, by conducting a challenging Battle PT session at Longniddry beach. As you could imagine, the session was never going to be quite like a walk in the park, with a robust infantry battalion like 2 SCOTS (unless you were the PT Staff). We ensured they were challenged on all fronts from partner carry to a circuit, a gun run along the beach and to top it off, a dip in a warming Scottish ocean.
Sgt Craft arrived at 2 Scots in September 2022 and quickly realised the tempo of deployments for the battalion. Within one week of being in post, he deployed for 4 weeks to Oman to assist the physio with the rehabilitation of the battlegroup during Ex KHANJAR OMAN. This worked out perfectly, as there was a 4-week gap between the end of the first and the final exercise. Within this period, he worked closely with the physio and Doctors to get injured soldiers ready for the final exercise. Along with taking rehab classes, he assisted myself with the acclimatisation
SSgt (SSI) J Hodskinson RAPTC
Sgt Peltier, SSgt Hodskinson and Sgt Craft at the Festival of Sport in Oman
of troops arriving along with taking weight management PT and Sports.
While in Oman we also ran a successful Festival of Sport for the battlegroup which was a great morale booster for the troops
Easy winners of the doubles Badminton Competition in Oman
before they went on their final exercise. Upon arriving back to the battalion, Sgt Craft then got amongst the Forward ERI role with the injured personnel attached to the Rear Operation Group (ROG). At the end of January 2023, he ran his first Angus VC course which was a 3-week intense PT/rehab course aimed towards injured personnel with the goal to enhance their rehabilitation and become fully upgraded by the end of the course, which was the case for 70% of Service Personnel (SP) who attended the course.
In March, I then deployed again for 6-weeks with A Company to the USA to assist with running their white Cell and deliver a post-exercise Adventurous Training (AT) Package. Although this had its challenges, it was great to give the young Jocks some exposure to what can be experienced on an overseas AT package.
This has been a great year to wrap up my time at 2 Scots, during which time I am also proud of having two AAPTIs transfer into the RAPTC.
Fun in the Sun for Commanding Officer’s PT
    SSgt Hodskinson briefing the competitors

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