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  Abusy, yet rewarding year for 32 Engineer Regiment. As my time at the Regiment quickly draws to a close, I look back on my tenure with many great memories along the way. Two COs, two RSMs, three 2ICs, a Gym overhaul and 3 years later I can say it has been rewarding, challenging and fulfilling. Training, developing and qualifying 11 All Arms Physical Training Instructors to ‘Coach’s’ standard is a personal and professional highlight.
The Regiment is trusted to be ready to deliver operational excellence as the NATO’s spearhead troops. Motivated and disciplined, tactically and technically expert in its core role, capable of training for and deploying on high intensity close combat operations. A dynamic and adaptable Regiment has led to an increase in PD requirement/ standards, in particular the Role Fitness Test (Soldier) (RFT(S)). Quicker times and greater load carriage required amendments to be made to what was already a robust PD programme for the ‘Assault Engineers.’
A busy year has seen the Regiment deployed across the globe encompassing various roles. Combat Engineering support on Ex WESSEX STORM, Supporting and Training Ukrainian forces on Op INTERFLEX, Readiness for deterioration in security in Kosovo – Op ELGIN, Training in Oman and support to Land Regional Hub Oman LRH(O) as well as UKSB support just to mention a few.
Ongoing work to improve the Gym infrastructure and PD facilities led to a £100k overhaul ensuring a more functional Gym floor for both PD delivery and personal training. It may not look much to the untrained eye however I can assure you improvements have been made
SSgt (SSI) Carter and Sgt (SI) McCabe at the Carabao Cup Final
SSgt (SSI) C Carter RAPTC
 for the good and benefit of all at Marne Barracks. Flooring is expensive!
The Regiment has had a successful year on the sporting front. Notably being crowned Sapper Games Champions 2022! Preparing, Coordinating and delivering an event on such a mass scale has been another personal highlight and achievement during my time at 32 Engineer Regiment. 2530 service personnel competing in 24 Sports across Yorkshire is no mean feat, culminating in the Medium Girder Over Bridge MGOB final – Bridge building for the non-RE Cap badge amongst us. A truly remarkable final, one which will stay in the memories of all those lucky enough to have witnessed it.
The Regiment were fortunate enough to welcome ex-RAPTCI, Tony ‘Itsoknottobeok’
Latest additions to the team
Wilsher, to deliver the important message that ‘It’s Okay Not to Be Okay’ as part of our holistic approach to PD highlighting the wider challenges faced not only in the Military but in all walks of life. Help is out their people!
Sporting success is not solely Sapper Games related, with Regimental and Corps success across the board; Joint Corps Boxing champions, Squash Corps champions, Corps Cricket champions, UK North X-Country Runners up and Nordic Ski success are a few highlights over the last 12 months. The Inter Squadron ‘Hobarts Cup’ continues to be a huge success across the Regiment promoting sport at all levels. It is a privilege to be surrounded and share sporting disciplines with such motivated sportsmen and women - Well done to all!
On a personal level, I have made the most of the opportunities available to get away from the ‘Doom and Gloom’ of the office. I have managed to be involved in ‘Super Camps’ as part of the Army Youth Challenge, Inter Unit Mixed Netball (Don’t knock it unless you have tried it), RAPTC cricket, RE Athletics and even ‘flying’ the RAPTC flag at Wembley as part of the Carabao Cup final and England Internationals opening displays. God Save the King!
In closing, I feel honoured and lucky to have been given the opportunity to be posted to a hardworking, diligent and active unit and pleased to be a key component in the ever-evolving ‘machine’ of the Assault Engineers.
Sapper Games Winners 2022

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