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  I’m now well into my third year here with 4 Scots, I have to say that I have enjoyed every minute. A fast-paced,
well organised and fiercely competitive Unit that has been a pleasure to work alongside.
February 2023 saw the 4 Scots Battle Group deploy on Exercise WESSEX STORM. This would be the culmination of 12-months of hard work preparing to be validated on the exercise to assume the role of Very High Readiness Joint Task
Ex WESSEX STORM – Get some more cam cream on Staff
SSgt (SSI) M Hanson RAPTC
Force (VJTF). I deployed on the exercise as part of the Commanding Officer’s TAC group, commanding a foxhound vehicle for the CO. Now, having never previously been in a foxhound vehicle this could prove a bit of a challenge. I swiftly booked myself onto a foxhound commanders’ course and upskilled myself to the most basic level so that at the very least I would know how to open the door and not completely embarrass myself. My own background in my previous cap badge as a light role infantry soldier would prove useful and I’m glad to say that the exercise went well with 4 Scots gaining the ‘tick in the box’ and being fully validated for future taskings.
4 Scots has undergone considerable change over the last 12-months with regards to PD facilities and infrastructure. The gym itself having a fresh lick of paint to breathe life back into what was a relatively old building (black and red colour scheme of course!). New impact flooring, an uplift of Physical Training Equipment (PTE) machines and with the Jocks being a passionate footballing Unit we invested heavily in repurposing an old tennis court into a brand new 5 a-side multisport facility. These investments in infrastructure have lifted the spirits and inspired the Officers and Soldiers at 4 Scots to train, play sport and socialise again after a miserable period of COVID. Being able to leave the facilities in a better place than when I started my tenure here is extremely
RAPTC Triathlon Team OSV to Portugal – LtoR: SSgt Littlewood, SSgt Jones and SSgt Hanson – World Championships Qualifiers.
satisfying and something which the Gym team and I are very proud of.
As part of the RAPTC Triathlon team I attended an Overseas Sports Visit (OSV) in October 2022 to Portugal to take part in a half Ironman distance competition. An amazing place to come and race, steeped in history, great food, and beaming sunshine! The team put in some amazing performances with SSgts Littlewood, Jones and myself all qualifying for the World Championships in Finland in August 2023.
   Ex WESSEX STORM – CO’s Foxhound – How do you drive this thing!

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