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  1st Battalion The Royal Yorkshire Regiment is situated in Catterick Garrison and has endured a busy year
delivering Bn, Bde, and Div exercises around the world including: Nigeria, Kenya, Canada, Oman and now preparation for Op SHADER in Iraq. Alongside their new role of Light Mechanised Infantry, The Battalion also received the new honorary title of The Royal Yorkshire Regiment.
The 1 YORKS Football Club (FC) has a rich history of success, from winning the Army cup 3 years on the bounce and dominating teams however, since the departure of its key players, YORKS FC is rotating through a transition period and slowly finding its feet with early signs of success. The season highlights included a League Cup Quarter final and an Army Cup Quarter final, not bad considering the busy forecast of events (FOE). The Bn hosted the RAPTC FC team in a friendly before the UK North RAPTC WOs’ & Sgts’ Mess Dinner Night, with the RAPTC winning 4-1.
The YORKS PT staff have grown in strength over the past two years, with four new AAPTIs fresh from training at the ASPT. Along with passionate AAPTIs aspiring for a career in the RAPTC, the last 2 years has seen Sgt Rob Mothersdale successfully transfer and subsequently complete his Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor (ERI) course and Cpl Gardner successfully passing RAPTC Selection to follow in the steps of Rob. The Bn have a firm plan in place to continue to supply the Corps with excellent instructors.
Implementing sport back into the FOE has proven difficult, with group activities taking a back step during the pandemic. British Army Warrior Fitness (BAWF) has seen a real drive within the Bn, and the
  1 YORKS PT Staff – Officiating Swimming
YORKS are always keen to host regional events, whilst competing in both the male and female categories. The teams have performed excellently in both seasons with many podium finishes! As a reward the Bn paid for 4 members to enter the HYROX Glasgow event in Feb 23. For those unaware of HYROX – it’s a 1km run followed by a functional exercise x 8
1 YORKS BAWF and HYROX Team members
(totalling 8kms running and 8 functional exercises), the aim is to complete the race as fast as possible, it’s a real test of the heart and lungs! The unit enter 2 pairs, both of which completed the competition in sub 1hr 4mins; finishing within the top 10% entering on the day. A tremendous achievement!
 1 YORKS FC v RAPTC FC friendly match in Catterick

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