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  As I approach the end of my second year with 13 AASR, I can look back on a very rewarding and enjoyable tenure. Being the RAPTCI of the largest Regiment in the British Army (+900 Service personnel) which sits within one of the most deployable Brigades - my role has been particularly varied yet incredibly satisfying.
Infrastructure within 16 Air Assault Brigade Combat Team is in high demand so when the old QMs department came ‘up for grabs’ I beelined for the CO’s office to propose a new gym facility. Fortunately, he liked my plan and Regional Command were just as supportive. After countless hours of filling holes and painting walls, the flooring was laid, and the new kit arrived. Shortly after, Brigadier Nick Cowley officially opened the ‘Dan Shirley Suite’ - a fitting name for a model soldier and RAPTCI who was unfortunately killed on Op HERRICK 8 whilst on patrol with the Regt. Ironically, Dan and I followed a similar career path, both enlisting into the 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment and serving within 2 PARA Machine Gun Platoon before becoming the RAPTCI of 13 AASR. I felt a personal responsibility to ensure his name was remembered and his legacy continued within the Regt as he was liked by all and universally respected.
In April 2022, I deployed to North Macedonia on Ex SWIFT RESPONSE with a small team of RAPTCIs. Our primary task was to plan, organise and deliver adventurous training to over 1000 Service Personnel (SP) spread across 16 AA Bde. Over a 5-week period, we surpassed this
Adventurous Training location in North Macedonia
SSgt (SSI) P Quinn RAPTC
P Company Stretcher Race, Catterick
SSgt (SSI) Quinn competing in the UCI Cyprus Gran Fondo 2022
aim, delivering multiple activities to over 1250 SP, which included kayaking, rock climbing and hill walking. During this period, we successfully demonstrated the ability to deliver AT to pockets of SP on a daily basis, throughout an incredibly busy and demanding multi-national exercise without the need to extend their stay away from family and friends any longer than required.
Upon returning to some normality, the Regt switched its attention to sport and physical development. The Inter Sqn Boxing Competition and annual Health and Sports Fair which formed the 2nd and 3rd round of the Dan Shirley Cup (a 4 round competition contested between Sqns throughout the year in the memory of WO2 (QMSI) Dan Shirley RAPTC) was a resounding success. This kickstarted a fruitful year of sporting success which will hopefully stand us in good stead for the Army Sports Trophy Awards later in the year. On a personal note, I was fortunate enough to represent the RAPTC in the UCI Cyprus Gran Fondo 2022 where I won stage 2 and picked up 2nd Place overall across the 3-day race.
SSgt (SSI) Quinn preparing to jump with the U.S Army in Germany
As a team, we also took away a strong 2nd place. A fantastic week organised by SSgt (SSI) Ashton RAPTC.
CO’s PT received a welcomed facelift. With a Regt as big as ours, trying to think of new and innovative ways to deliver ‘en masse’ becomes incredibly difficult. Instead, we now deliver a ‘flag comp’ to half of the Regt every two weeks with the overall results being announced at the end of the month. Competitions have included Logs and stretchers, BAWF, Obstacle course and casualty evacuation races, 2 milers and battle PT – to name a few. This has enabled us to deliver CO’s PT which is interesting and varied but most importantly, competitive.
Naturally, serving as an RAPTCI within 16 Bde, there is a requirement to train and prepare the next generation of Airborne Soldiers. To do this, we deliver an 8-week Bde conditioning course which culminates in a 1-day screening day in Aldershot before heading up to Catterick to endure the ‘beat up’ phase and P Coy test week. Pass rates have rocketed since implementing the conditioning course which is a credit to all RAPTCIs involved in the delivery of the course, although I’d be lying if I said it was easy adding this responsibility to your daily calendar. I envisage, as time goes by, RAPTCIs will find new and innovative ways of developing the course which will allow more time for ‘Unit/RAPTC business.’
In closing, I can honestly say my time with 13AASR has been a real privilege and a pleasure. The Regt is a top-class outfit which has welcomed me with open arms. I look forward to pastures new where I take up an E2 role in Newquay, Cornwall.
     Round 1 of the Dan Shirley Cup – British Army Warrior Fitness

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