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  Iam now 5-months into my post at HQ 20 Armoured Brigade Combat Team (20 ABCT). After the initial rush of trying
to work out the lie of the land, I now feel comfortable and happy with where things are. 20 ABCT is made up of 11 units that are located on the whole around the Hampshire/Wiltshire area, with the Scots Guards and 5 Royal Regiment of Fusiliers located up in the North of England.
Like all HQs, the tempo is high and there is a lot going on with Service Personnel (SP) deployed all across Europe on various training exercises and operations. Working in a HQ such as 20 ABCT gives a great insight to the wider world outside that of the Physical Development (PD) we
The First Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers “England’s Finest” are an Armoured Infantry Battle Group, located in Tidworth, Wiltshire. First Fusiliers are part of 20 Armoured Brigade Combat Team (20 ABCT) who sit within 3 (UK) Division, as part of their Reactive Force.
This Year saw the First Fusiliers deploy to Kosovo on “Op SANDROCK” for 8-weeks as part of the KFOR Strategic Reserve Force. First Fusiliers had 3-months to turn the Battalion from an Armoured Infantry Battle Group to a dismounted fighting force. This is the first time in 20 years that First Fusiliers have deployed to anywhere completely self-sufficient. The G4 world was on fire.
As to be expected, the Forecast of Events (FoE) has been manic and First Fusiliers took it in their stride with complete professionalism. The Physical Development (PD) output had to be turned around quickly and specificity of training was going to be the key to increase manpower as well as aerobic capacity. This was nothing short of a fantastic Operational Tour and one that is few and far between. As an RAPTCI being deployed and doing your job role was not only humbling but it was also nothing short of fantastic.
Sport has been at the forefront of the Battalion this Year. Rugby, Football and Boxing being the main drivers. Every year, the Battalion hold the Hearts Medal Competition. This is a Coy level Boxing
WO1 (SMI) S Hawkins RAPTC
know in the RAPTC, and I look forward to making the most of this opportunity. 20 ABCT’s primary focus for the next 2-3 years is Op CABRIT in Estonia. As an RAPTCI who has deployed to Estonia myself, I am now very pleased to be in a position where I can work to enhance the experience of the deployed RAPTCIs, as well as the other (SP) deployed on this Op.
In closing, I am very lucky to be working alongside a great team at 20 ABCT and feel that PD support to the 1* Commander is very much welcomed and appreciated. Further to this, with the excellent group of RAPTCIs in the 20 ABCT units, I feel that we are in a good place and look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.
SSgt (SSI) J Bremner RAPTC
    First Fusiliers Remembrance Parade outside St George’s Lines
event which is held in high regard to all Fusiliers past and present.
First Fusiliers are on the road to Op
CABRIT and have a number of Battle
Camps in the pipeline this year and are
mainly going to be in either the UK or
Germany. The Battalion are currently
held at high readiness and are more than
prepared for any tasking that they are
given. All in all, First Fusiliers are “Fit to
Fight”. First Fusiliers PNCO Cadre 2-Miler

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