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Since the COVID Pandemic it has been difficult to reinvigorate sports across REME Battalions (Bns) who
have had continuous Exercises, Trade Courses & individual trawls throughout the year which take priority. This year my challenge was to organise the first ever Inter Armd Close Support Bn Boxing event between 3, 4 and 6 Bn REME. Each Bn was unable to run their own boxing event, but when all resources were put together it became an exciting prospect.
All Commanding Officers fully supported the event, and the first challenge was to find a location which allowed the boxers to train. With the support of the QM, Capt Gannon, we created a boxing facility which could be utilised by all three Bns during their intense training programme. I was fortunate enough to conduct all the physical training for the 3 Bn boxing team. The most rewarding part of the whole experience was seeing them develop through their training programme and
SSgt (SSI) M Crame RAPTC
step into the ring on fight night in front of an audience of 500 service personnel.
Another challenge we encountered was a lack of qualified coaches for each Bn team. Thankfully, LCpl Kella, LCpl Barnett and Pte Nicholls completed their Level 1 Boxing Course in time for the beginning of their respective training camps. This was their first time coaching a Bn Boxing Team and their attitude and performance was impeccable throughout. Both teams started off as individuals and grew together into a team, it was a reminder of why sport is important for cohesion in the British Army. Boxing is an individual sport; however, I have not witnessed a team show as much togetherness as a boxing team.
10-weeks of training flew by, and the morning of the boxing event was upon us. As a busy REME Bn getting to this point would have been difficult but working with the other two Bns made this all possible.
For some of the spectators this was their first Boxing event, and they played their part by engaging throughout the entire evening. We were able to live stream the event to all REME Service Personnel (SP) who were unable to attend through deployments or other commitments. The Judges and Officials were incredible and displayed professionalism throughout the entire evening. The overall winning team came down to the final bout and 3 Bn REME were declared the winners.
Participating in an event like this provides a great sense of achievement, I have been taken aback on how many SP it has inspired to be involved in not just Boxing but a variety of sports. Promoting sport in the British Army is essential and it was a great opportunity to remind SP of all the positive attributes sport brings. All three Battalions have agreed to now make this an annual tradition and I look forward to seeing this event take place in years to come.
   3, 4 and 6 Bn Boxing Teams
3 Bn Boxing Team
5 Rifles BAWF Teams LCpl Bowd (left) and Cfn Hamilton (right)

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