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  Iam now 7-months into my assignment with the QRH and so far, so good. The unit have fully supported me thus far in
implementing some minor changes to the Reconditioning PT programme and they have continued to assist the Gymnasium by obtaining the necessary equipment required to fulfil the Army Physical Training System (APTS).
The unit continue to remain at high readiness under the command of HQ 20 Armoured Brigade Combat Team and currently have two sub-units (SUs) deployed on OP CABRIT 12. Prior to this deployment, the RSM wanted to encompass an event where his service personnel (SP) could maximise their full potential and allow them to shine amongst each other while competing against other SUs in the Regiment. The challenge consisted of two days of competition with Day 1 focused upon multiple military skills events such as a Navigation Exercise (NavEx), communications, mechanical and a live firing range package. As always, on day 2 there was a Physical Training element which consisted of an individual effort 5-mile Endurance Run carrying 20kg of distributed weight on Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA). Once the individual run had finished, this then filtered into a SU event consisting of a 3-mile Log Race with burdens in teams of 12. Points were collated across all events over both days and C Sqn were announced the overall winners of the RSM’s Challenge.
The Commanding Officer, Lt Col S Wilson, fully supports his unit in Sport, allowing his SP to participate where possible around their SU battle rhythm while still maintaining his direction on ensuring that all SP remain Fighting Fit and are compliant with their Soldier Conditioning Review (SCR) and Role Fitness Test (Soldier) (RFT(S)).
 QRH have had a great Sporting year where the Regimental Football Team have excelled. They came top of the 1st West Div League, are in the quarter finals of both the Army Cup and League Cup, in the final of the Cavalry Cup and won the Hyperbad Trophy in support of a charity event against the West Midlands Police which takes place annually. QRH have also taken part in other Sporting events within the SW region such as Swimming, Badminton, Rugby and about to start again with the Athletics in the summer months.
The two SU from the Regiment currently deployed on Op CABRIT 12 are continuing to fly the unit flag, participating in a various number of Sporting/ Military events along with other SUs that form the QRH Battlegroup. The most recent was a Scouts March consisting of 18-miles in under 6hrs wearing MTP Clothing and carrying 15Kg over varied terrain along with Estonian Defence Forces (EDF), French Foreign Legion (FFL) and Estonian Athletes. The main focus in regard to Sport for the QRH while deployed overseas is boxing. We will be hosting a NATO boxing event
QRH Football Team
in Tallinn in the summer of 2023 where the boxing Team will train hard and work with experienced, passionate coaches in preparation for the boxing night against other NATO Forces.
Overall, my time so far at QRH has been excellent and I have settled in very well, the support from the chain of command has been second to none. We will continue to excel on the Sporting front at Football, Boxing, and multiple Sporting events as they strive for future sporting success. Without forgetting to maintain a tight focus on those on Level 1 and 2 PT to ensure that they are fully prepared for any task at any given time.
Participating in the RSM’s Challenge
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