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                                 team competed in, and won, the Army Rugby Union Tankard Cup. A difficult game in which they triumphed over 3 PARA in the final to win 19-15. The football team had to postpone all their games until the New Year because they were committed to INTERFLEX. This went in their favour leaving them with an overall 11 wins, 1 making them Central Division 1 League Champions. The Bn also have strong British Army Warrior Fitness (BAWF) teams, managing to field an Open, Masters and Female team for most events. The Masters have already won 2 of the 3 South BAWF Events, its early but we are on track to win the League.
In January I was lucky enough to be selected to attend Ex ISRAEL BUGLE. This
was a Battlefield Study (BS) based on the ‘Six-Day War,’ starting in Jerusalem and ending in Golan Heights. I had previously only been on a BS for World War 1 & 2, but they were not armour specific and I was not aware of the level of conflict taking place in this country. During our stay we managed to swing by the Dead Sea and get the chance to have a float, this was such a surreal experience.
An incredibly busy year for 5 RIFLES and the Forecast of Events suggests that this will only intensify. With the start of WFX, Ex ARROW NORTHERN FOREST, cadres and courses, leave cannot come quickly enough. Then as soon as we are back its prep time for Op CABRIT 14.
The Team visiting Golan Heights
5 RIFLES Rugby Team
  In May 23 I took the opportunity to jump ship from my previous assignment and serve with the 5th Battalion Rifles and
what a year it has been. Instantly valued for the importance of my role, I was excited to see what I could offer.
5 RIFLES’ (5Rs’) purpose is to excel in combined arms manoeuvre across multi- domain operations and stand ready to fight and win. The Bn is under command of 20 Armoured Brigade Combat Team (ABCT) and must always be prepared to react to any task assigned and be at a constant readiness for current operations to deliver success. 5R have been continuously deployed on Battalion, Brigade and Divisional tasks since my arrival in June 22, deploying at company, platoon, and section level. They have provided support to Ex CERBERUS, Ex DEFENDER 22, Ex BADGERS STRESS, Ex NORTHERN STRIKE 22, Ex ASKARI STORM, Ex IRON STORM, WFX and Ex PRAIRIE TORNADO. When Op INTERFLEX was called, 5 RIFLES were summoned as the unit of choice to coach and mentor the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) in the Wiltshire area. INTERFLEX was extremely demanding on the Battalion from July to December, the sun was relentless and training had to be meticulously planned so that all training adhered to policy. All LCpls and above were placed into instructional rolls to educate the UAF on how to execute battlefield tactics in wartime situations.
Although heavily tasked, 5 RIFLES have still been able to achieve great results on the sporting front. Recently, the Rugby
SSgt (SSI) K Price RAPTC
      5 Rifles BAWF Teams
Enjoying a ‘float’ in the Dead Sea

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