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Itook over assignment at the Northern Ireland Garrison Support Unit (NIGSU) in September 2021, filling the big shoes
of WO2 (QMSI) Al Murray, who gave me a top-notch handover. NIGSU is a unique posting, with your responsibilities spread across the province in Northern Ireland. As the QMSI for NIGSU you have oversight across the three main sites in Northern Ireland: Aldergrove Station, Palace Barracks and Thiepval Barracks. At Palace Barracks, NIGSU have SIO PT ‘Jack’ McCartney that works alongside the 1 RANGERS RAPTCI; in Aldergrove we have RAF PTI Cpl Cyrus Molton who again works alongside the RAPTCI for 5 Regt AAC; and at Thiepval Barracks, Cpl Ray Whalley and SIO PT Dave Foreman are located there with 2 RIFLES being the Major unit on camp.
For those not familiar with Thiepval Barracks and the Menin Gate Leisure Centre, there are some absolute legends that work here, and they truly make this place what it is. Cpl Ray Whalley who has been here for over 10 years. Ray has worked under a host of RAPTCIs in his time here and recently received a commendation for his outstanding contribution to the NIGSU. SIO Swim Specialist Ms Pauline Crockard and her team of lifeguards that work across the three sites previously mentioned. Pauline was highlighted on my PDA for best practice across all the swimming elements. In Pauline’s near 30 years working here, her experience is second to none, there is nothing she does not know about swimming, for any RAPTCIs that need any assistance or guidance managing swimming pools, please contact her.
 WO2 (QMSI) Morton RAPTC
Over the last year I have had some great opportunities in this post. Some of my highlights include boxing officiating in Bahrain in front of the Prince of Bahrain, Joe Calzaghe, and Darren Barker, loading at the Commonwealth Games as part of a formidable team of UK Armed Forces loaders, and deploying to Cyprus on an Overseas Sports Visit to take part in the Cyprus International 4-Day Challenge. At the time of writing, I am due to move on and shortly handover to WO2 (QMSI) Chris ‘Woody’ Wood. He will be walking into a brand-new refurbished Gym, brand new sports hall, brand new Astro turf and 400m running track. This is an outstanding camp with all the facilities at your fingertips.
 NIGSU Cyprus Challenge Team.
  The Menin Gate Leisure Centre Pool Staff
WO2 (QMSI) Morton, Joe Calzaghe, and Darren Barker

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