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Soup Day
Witham Town Council Members and staff attended the Cut Throat Lane Allotment site’s Soup Day on Sunday 31st October. There was a good attendance for the event, which is organised annually by Witham Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Association who provide soup made from produce grown on the allotment plots.
Witham Town Council took over the management of the allotments in Cut Throat Lane from Braintree District Council during the summer and have been working hard to improve the overall standard of the site. The Council have been liaising with the Allotment Association and have already made some initial improvements to the site with plans to make further enhancements in the future.
Allotment gardening has grown in popularity in recent years and as a result there are over 120 Witham residents currently on a waiting list for an allotment. Witham Town Council are therefore ensuring that all 109 allotment plots at Cut Throat Lane are fully utilised.
There are also allotment plots planned on future developments in Witham and they will also be the responsibility of Witham Town Council.
James Sheehy, Witham Town Clerk
Above: Town Mayor Councillor Angela Kilmartin, Town Councillors Michael & Clare Lager, Susan Ager, Rob & JoAnn Williams and County Councillor Ross Playle with members of Witham Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Association and Witham Town Council staff
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