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                                  The work was held up due to delays that most construction companies experienced recently but in a flurry of activity in August 2021, the first portion of the allotment was levelled off and a raised bed erected. The bed is made of solid wood 60cm high for easy working. The ground was levelled, and safe standing installed around the bed. Early in September Mayor James Bacon and Councillor Judy Rogers attended the Bembrook Allotment annual picnic and had a chance to see the work so far.
Both were impressed with the design
of the plot and, being at the social event, they grasped the importance of being part of this special community. 87-year-old Ken Corbett hopes to be the first Easyplot tenant. Ken had been an avid plotholder for over 20 years but had given up his full-size plot due to mobility problems. He is delighted to
be able to remain part of the Bembrook community. Plans for a second Easyplot are already underway.
Thanks to all the charities involved so far: Gardening with Disabilities Trust, Hastings Lions, Sussex Community Foundation and The Magdalen & Lasher Charity.
Dawn Pederson, Bembrook Allotments
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