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     Bembrook Allotments Create Easyplot
This is the story of a large allotment that had defeated many brave gardeners for more than two decades. Someone would take it on, only to be discouraged by the volume of hard work and time needed to manage it. Bembrook and Apps Field Allotment Association had long wanted to
create some smaller more accessible allotments and saw this plot as offering the ideal opportunity – near the
gate and easy access to water. Their ambitious plan was to split the plot into four mini plots on hard standing – we’ve called them Easyplots.
Allotments are a social hub for a diverse mix of society, a place for young and old, single people and families
to mingle, share tips and connect. During the Covid-19 pandemic it was an amazing opportunity to keep up a level of normality, and everyone was grateful for their plots. The waiting list for a Bembrook plot has nearly doubled since January 2020, leading to a wait of well over two years for plots to become available.
Working an allotment is satisfying,
but it can also be strenuous and time consuming. Sometimes the work can get too much, and it is a sad day when someone has to leave the community because the plot has become too much for them to handle.
Easyplots were suggested to help both issues. If we could create a few small manageable plots with purpose-built raised beds, then they could be offered to plotholders who were finding their own space hard to manage. They would be able to continue gardening and remain members of the community. Their freed-up larger plots would reduce the waiting list. In 2019 the Association voted unanimously in favour of it at its Annual General Meeting.
So, the plan for Bembrook Easyplots was born. A small number of Association members formed a committee to take the project forward, with the full support of the local authority. They set out to raise funds, which wasn’t easy given that in 2020
The waiting list for a Bembrook plot has nearly doubled
most charities were diverting money towards the pandemic. Anthony
Davis drew up the plans and the work progressed under the close scrutiny
of one of the most experienced plotholders, Alan Chamberlain. The committee, with the help of other volunteers, covered the plot and worked strenuously to prevent weeds growing and spreading across the site.
Four kind charities pledged money – enough for one Easyplot in the first instance.
Calls to 0845 numbers cost 3p (ex VAT) per minute plus your telephone company’s access charge
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