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                                Class 10: One dish of vegetables two of each. CLASS 10 CONFINED TO JUNIOR MEMBERS Qty of entries; 3
All entries and result videos can be viewed on the national vegetable society social media and on our website http://www.nvsuk.
The best exhibit in the show went to Amy Plumb with a fabulous plate of Kestrel Potatoes. Amy received an NVS glass tankard. Congratulations to all the prize winners and to all exhibitors for taking part.
We very much look forward to the 2021 show season where we will all be able
to meet up again in person, however if restrictions are still in place, 2020 has proven that the show can go on – albeit online.
Erica Tully, Roscommon, Ireland
  Rondo - Florence Fennel
  Evanna Tully, Roscommon, Ireland
  Kestrel Potatoes
 James Potter, Cheshire, England
   Collection various Varieties
   We cannot close this article without mentioning the effort, energy and professionalism of our Show Secretary , Ray Higgins of Roscommon, Ireland, who initially suggested about the show and then volunteered to help create the schedule and run the show as Show Secretary. The Trustees were impressed with Ray’s dedication and so the 2020 Banksian medal was awarded to Ray for his support. You may know that the RHS Banksian medal is normally presented every year at our National Show, to the exhibitor with most points/prize money, however as there was no National show, the RHS had encouraged society’s to present the 2020 medal to someone deserving of it. Many thanks Ray.
with slug & snail deterrent As used by the RHS
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My husband Geoff invented Strulch at Leeds University.
We have been selling it since 2005 and it has grown in popularity because it is a quality organic product with a neutral pH that works on all soil types. It can be used anywhere in the garden including vegetables plots. Strulch works by blocking light which is needed for germination and the texture of Strulch together with added minerals deters slugs and snails.
Add to bare soil to stop weed germination and around plants when they reach a good size. We sell in bulk 12, 25 and 48 bags and you can buy 100 litre bags from our stockists.
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Happy cultivating. Jackie Whiteley
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