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     The R SIGNALS Memorial
The Buglers Association is now well established and has earned a sound reputation for its bugling excel- lence, something which we are all extremely proud of. The programme of events each year is extensive nationwide and continues to grow, along with our status and diversity of events.
On 8th September 2018, the Association partici- pated again in an event that is very close to its heart namely the Northern Ireland Veterans Association Memorial Service, held at the National Memorial Arboretum near Stafford. Our buglers have partic- ipated in this event for several years and the pride of marching our Light Division comrades down to the Northern Ireland Memorial is very special. After sounding the Last Post at the Northern Ireland memorial service, the buglers march to the LI and RGJ memorials and after a short service and wreath laying at each, they sound the calls for our Light Division comrades who never came home.
Buglers also attend the National Memorial Arboretum regularly throughout the year at both the unveiling of new memorials and attending memorial services at existing ones, including this year the KSLI and DLI memorials: the latter marking the closure of the DLI Officers’ Dining Club on 9th June. Kirk Richardson played here. One significant new memorial is in memory of Corporal Derek Wood and Corporal David How, members of the Royal Signals who were brutally murdered by Republicans who were part of a funeral cortege in Belfast, March 1988. Six of our buglers had the honour of sounding the calls at the unveiling of this poignant memorial – Don Somers, Stan Wilkinson, Peter Noble, Norman Smillie, John Vernon and John Strong.
In October 2018, our Chairman, Alan Tamblyn, was approached by a member of the Historic Royal
Palaces during their planning for the World War 1 commemoration at the Tower of London to mark the centenary of the Armistice, an important and significant event. After a brief meeting and a short audition, it was decided that our buglers would be used for this special event, which ran for 8 nights, up to and including the 11th November 2018. It was entitled Beyond The Deepening Shadows and was an epic light and sound installation and display. Two buglers were needed per night and 12 of our members took part, some travelling down from Durham to participate in this once in a lifetime occasion. The Directors of Historic Royal Palaces and the Constable of The Tower were extremely grateful to all concerned.
On 16th January of this year, buglers once again had the honour of sounding the calls to mark the 210th anniversary of the death of our founding father Sir John Moore, held at his memorial in St Paul’s Cathedral. This year, it was the turn of Barry Dixon and Jake Pugsley. Barry travelled down from the North East for the honour of sounding the calls and was joined by Jake, who is a serving member of The Rifles based in London. This event and attendance at choral evensong that precedes it is a special event.
Another unique event took place on Anzac Day 25th April 2019 when the chalk downland emblem of the Map of Australia (originally created by Australian Forces in 1917) at Hurdcott Farm in Wiltshire was officially opened by the Australian Deputy High Commissioner, in the presence of the Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire, Mrs Sarah Troughton. David Mence and Kirk Richardson sounded Last Post high on the Wiltshire Downs to the acclaim of all who attended.
All the events that our buglers attend are signif- icant to the organisers, but there are the ones that are significant to the Association. Such an event at the Featherstone War Horse Memorial in Yorkshire saw our newest recruit, Kev Fawcett, a former CSM of 2LI, sounding the calls alongside our oldest member, Pete Bate, who will be 80 next year. Kev had never played while serving but wanted to give it a go in later life. He was a natural, and has become a very accomplished bugler and proud member of the Association. In fact, he is now teaching others to do the same! Pete is a former KOYLI bugler and proud Yorkshireman who has played continuously since his youth and is a regular attendee of events across Yorkshire and beyond. Pete joined us on Horseguards Parade in 2016 where he doubled off the square with us as a youthful 76 year old and we are certain that he will outlive most of us!
On 1st June, the Association supported the LI Reunion in Shrewsbury as we have done for the past 6 years, but this year was different - there was no band! Unfortunately, the Rifles Waterloo band was committed to Georgia so our buglers had to stand in for them rather than support them as we usually do. Our buglers spent the day playing along to our recently acquired, powerful sound system. This was a very credible alternative and provided a good marching sound but this was no substitute to a live band. However the day ended with an excellent concert, where our Buglers were joined
The Veterans’ Buglers Association
   Light Division and Rifles Band Association
The Light Division and Rifles Veterans’ Band continues to be a great musical asset for the Regiment. This year our veteran bandsmen came together again at Shrewsbury at the LI Reunion on 1st June 2019 to perform a band concert under the baton of Tex Carlton. Given the limited rehearsal time, their musical ability was second to none and the programme was enjoyed by all. The combined Veterans’ Band and Bugles provided a wonderful finale to the Reunion with High On A Hill sounding better than ever. Managing a Veterans’ Band is not easy but hopefully this second band concert will maintain the momentum for the future.
We wish to congratulate Tex Carlton and the Band Association for their achievement so far. If there are any former Light Division or Rifles bandsmen who wish to join, especially those from the RGJ Band associ- ation, they should contact: Colin Cranswick
Rifles – Light Infantry - KOYLI Regimental Association Secretary (Yorkshire)
Office: 01977 703181 Mob: 07778663925
DHR Stephenson CBE President

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