Page 5 - Kettering Festival of Literature 2023
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   Cornmarket Hall
Kettering Room
11th Bard of Northampton, published performance poet Kezzabelle Ambler playfully weaves her wit, wisdom and humour into her one-woman spoken word show ‘Permission to Love Yourself’, connecting through her Weaving Words creative writing workshops to express, heal and play with words, giving people Permission to Speak (the title of her fifth book and audio). She tours the country baring all in her craft, blessing and encouraging whoever crosses her path, giving a voice to their story as their pen becomes a tool for life.
         10.00–11.00 and 11.45–12.45
Weaving Words Creative Writing Workshops suitable for all
1.30–2.30 and 3.15–4.15
Performance by Kezzabelle – ‘Permission to Speak’
and performances by local published spoken word artists

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