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Dambusters Dinner
Wg Cdr Sarah Brewin
THE RAF COHORT WITHIN ACSC are always charged with ensuring that the famous Dambusters Raid of World War 2 is
commemorated appropriately at the College and ACSC 22 was certainly no exception. Serendipitously, the event
fell on the day that all formal assessments were completed so, suffice to say, the mood was sufficiently celebratory, with no Defence Research Papers or operational studies essays hanging over the course members.
Code-named Operation CHASTISE, the Dambusters mission involved Barnes-Wallis’ famous “bouncing
  bomb” dropped from Lancaster bomber aircraft
of 617 Squadron to breach the Ruhr dams and
flood the industrial heartlands of Nazi Germany. CHASTISE continues to resonate with the RAF for many reasons; as an opportunity to remember the innovation and ingenuity of those who planned the mission; honour the bravery and dedication of the crews undertaking the operation; and commemorate those who did not return on that May night 76 years ago.
These emotions were all touched on during the dinner. We heard operational vignettes from those involved in the mission. These first-hand accounts were a poignant reminder of ordinary people being called upon to do extraordinary things in defence of their countries and values. Unfortunately, whilst

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