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The Purple Ball
By Lt Col Steve Garmory
AS THE CHAIRMAN OF the organising committee said, on 6th July 2019 over one thousand members of the Defence Academy and their
guests indulged in an unforgettable evening of first class entertainment and dining. The Purple Ball 2019 was a phenomenal
success. For the students of ACSC 22 and the more recent ICSC courses, it served as a fitting finale to their courses; but more importantly, it served as a wonderful occasion where the Defence Academy could come together and celebrate as one organisation.
The theme of the evening was the Wonders of the World. To facilitate this, the Cormorant building
was split into Victoria Falls, Colosseum, Statue of Liberty, Petra, Northern Lights, and the Great Wall
of China. Dinner was provided in three locations throughout the College and a range of delicacies were on offer. The varied menu catered for all tastes, offering everything from Baba Ganoush to Banoffee Pie. Throughout dinner, guests were entertained by African Dancers, Charleston Dancers and even a Chinese Lion. All of this was expertly corralled by the experienced and uproarious Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Mr Tony Harris.
This diverse theme, coupled with the flexibility of the Cormorant Building as a location, offered the opportunity to situate different entertainments throughout the College. Upon arrival, guests encountered the Victoria Falls outside the main entrance which hosted both the arrival drinks and
the Jalikunda African Drums. Inside, the Forum was transformed into the centre-piece Colosseum, offering a range of bands throughout the evening. The Henderson Bar played host to the Northern Lights, whose highlight was most definitely the silent disco. If you have never experienced this, it comes highly recommended! Collingwood Room accommodated the Statue of Liberty as well as
an accomplished pianist, the Band of the RAF
     If you have
never experienced this,
it comes highly recommended!... ◆◆◆
‘ amazing journey through the Wonders of the World! This evening will
transport you across the continents and serve you the flavours, sights and
experiences of the most amazing spectacles the planet has to offer.’
Commander Simon Kelly, Chairman of the Ball Committee, in his opening remarks

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